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Shock-third of bottled water is actually tap water irrigion

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Zhengzhou many families are ordered bottled water instead of tap water is safe to drink. However, bottled water will certainly clean and ease it? Recently, Zhengzhou branch Garden Ring district Ms. King family received a cattle brand two barrels of fake flower water. When the problem occurs, the current manufacturers and water stations uncompromising, do not admit that he "made a fake." How to solve this problem?

   false complaints recently drink bottled water

   In the past year, Ms. King family ordered a Flower cattle brand of bottled water. "I thought the big brand drinking at ease." Ms. King said, but did not expect the recent fake drink water.

   said Ms. false water, is sent over the last two buckets of water. She said the two buckets of water and other water obviously not the same as drinking have an odor. The kettle used to boil water, there has been a lot of scale. "There is a layer of white foam floating on the water."

   Yesterday morning, Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters He Nvshi and Jin Zhidian Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Flower cattle drinking water and water to stand together. Although the water has recognized the problem, but the water station and Flower cattle drinking water companies do not admit to fraud.

   water station did not say I could not fake water pipe

   yesterday morning, on the phone, Zhengzhou Flower cattle Water Technology Co., Ltd. official said 20 water stations, water is indeed a problem, drinking taste is not the same, but the problem is not in the water station.

   "I can not fake the water here, no water pipe installed." This name official said, on the 19th afternoon, he has given the company feedback Flower cattle drinking too, but the company did not respond. This is the name of the person in charge said that he is not only water station there is a problem in the water, other water stations where there have been problems.

   "manufacturers do not care, what matter is that we have a water station to say good things, apologize." He said, "If the manufacturers say that I have to have evidence of fraud."

   [123 ] flower cattle drinking water company can not do such a thing

   yesterday morning, the Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Yu Nvshi and Jin Zhidian flower cattle drinking water Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, the staff said, this thing is the issue of water stations.

   "We are a big brand, it is impossible to do this kind of thing. Yesterday manager who has been notified of a water station, so he resolved. He said yes, he dealt with." The staff said, "We bottled water every day to water stations, water stations after peoples inspection, only to the users home, the problem also occurs in waterstation. "

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