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Water purifier will become the mainstream of homdrinkg wat

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  Household drinking water purifier will become the mainstream publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-09-10 in economic development and industrial progress. In todays industrial society, mankind will continue to contaminated water containing heavy metals and waste water discharged into the river. The river gives off a stench; water is also adding a lot of bleach; and even now most of our drinking bottled water date are fictitious, legendary black heartache came out ...... In this context, water purifier industry has been vigorous development. First, solve the secondary pollution of water in their lives, most natural thought as long as the boil drinking water will be able to kill all the bacteria, so is safe to drink, in fact, this idea is wrong. After a pipeline transporting water, vulnerable to secondary pollution, as well as sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria corpses and other issues. Therefore, the habit of people to boil the water, but this does not eliminate these harmful substances, but made a "bad thing", jumped concentration of harmful substances, and the water boiled, not softened water hardness, very easy to form a large number of scale, reducing the oxygen content is not conducive to the bodys metabolism. Second, instead of bottled water is the best choice not drink tap water, then bottled water does in fact, most bottled water is a large water filter or water machined natural well water with little water available;? While barrel means water storage time is short, perishable, um connection between the drinking water in the open state, and easily contact with air pollutants in the air, it is not an ideal solution for drinking water. Third, to achieve the standard drink, low cost Speaking of which, a lot of people will ask, so high-end and healthy water is very expensive now it is not an analogy:?! Bucket of bottled water quality is probably the price at 15 yuan, while water purification system may be less than 5 cents a bucket of water, bottled water is one of three very, vegetables and cooking-stop drinking. Of course there are cheaper bottled water, there are also cheaper 5 dollars a barrel, but so cheap bottled water you Ganhe do According to incomplete statistics, a water purifier filter can intercept year:? About 3600 mg rust, organic about 98,000 mg, about 500 mg of sediment impurities, about 4 mg of lead and the like. These organic compounds and heavy metal ions in drinking within a year into the body, and then gradually accumulate each year, it is conceivable there will be much harm to human body. So invest 5 cents a day to install a water filter, eitherDirect drinking, taste good, but also to protect the health of their families, why not do it?

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