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Only water can not wait for imusinstall atepurifi

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  What kind of a man drinking water quality, it could become what the constitution. Water pollution is the root cause of the disease, only purified drinking water quality, in order to have a healthy physique, cherish your life, be sure to carefully choose your drinking water.

From the water started to pay attention to health. For a family, the familys health is extremely important that the security of water, choose to install a home water purifier to protect the safety of drinking water, has become essential. How consumers that the water purifier to buy it?


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   First, attention rated total net amount of water

   rated how much the total net amount of water is a measure of net water is an important indicator of good or bad. When consumers buy, should enter the Baidu search for "health permits public inquiry" from the Ministry of Health this document can be found at the place of origin and the nominal total net amount of water. Such as Paragon water purifier P5250UC qualified purification capacity of 18.9 tons, the equivalent of 1,000 barrels of bottled water, a family of four can 5--8 years (3 days / barrel).

   Second, the focus on whether to keep the water beneficial substances

   on the market water purifier category many consumers in the choice, should ask what the water situation, such as RO reverse osmosis membrane water is pure water , free of minerals and trace elements. Paragon water purifier using U.S. Patent KDF55 filter, effectively remove chlorine, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances in water, retain beneficial minerals and trace elements.

   Third, focus on water purifiers when failure

   to determine when to lose water purifier purifying effect is the most important, water purifiers Ruoyi failure, still in use, no doubt to himself made a garbage dump. Walk into any store Paragon water purifier, each salesperson will tell you that in strict conformity purge amount is how many tons of water purifier, rather than telling your filter can use a few years, to avoid the water purifier useful life, It allows you to drink dirty water.

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