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Oxygen consumption network transmissioultrafiltmachine excee

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   recently circulated on the Internet a "ultrafiltration machine oxygen consumption of excessive" news affecting the hearts of many consumers, most consumers believe a word you hear a little excessive fear. At the same time, more consumers have a lot of questions, obviously ultrafiltration water purification machines, oxygen consumption exceeded Why? Exceeded in the end there is no harm to the human body? Below, small series to answer it.




oxygen consumption exceeded net transfer ultrafiltration machine has exceeded this is? (Photo from Internet)

   reason ultrafiltration excessive oxygen consumption

   UF machine does not work after installation and commissioning professionals is the main reason. When using ultrafiltration machine, businessmen will tell the user to be used according to the instructions. But still some users do not care, as long as they think ultrafiltration machine to install, then you can use is safe and can be directly used for water purification. In fact, this idea wrong. Installation ultrafiltration machine works and ordinary users are basically clear, direct assembly is very likely to cause the machine not working, it is more likely to cause great negative impact on water quality.


   ultrafiltration machine is the first step we use it, so be sure to go through professional installation, this will reduce a lot of unnecessary problems, improper installation, is also a cause of high oxygen consumption . Now the market often have a number of institutions or associations to do the appropriate product testing, but if there is no professional installation and commissioning in accordance with the appropriate service standards, often the result of water samples exceeded the oxygen consumption index will appear.

   oxygen consumption of excessive water harmless

   As can be seen by just explained, due to improper installation of oxygen consumption exceeded without any harm to humans, but if it is heavy metal, fluoride, colonies exceeded, will cause harm to humans, so the excessive oxygen consumption is not the reason we resist ultrafiltration machine, water pollutants, heavy metals, excessive bacteria is the reason we chose it.

   in the face of news with doubt, consumers should be treated and rational thinking. Water purifier is to protect our drinking water safety professional equipment, installation and commissioning work on the installation must find professionals.

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