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Your health worth e investment- - After reading you will kno

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  Your health worth the investment? - After reading you will know Published: at 16:23 on August 29, 2017 Hits: 38 Ministry of Health, a data show that: the chance of a persons life suffering from severe illness as high as 72.18 percent, more than a third of people will get cancer 10 healthy men 3 will have severe illness before the age of 65, 10 healthy women in two before the age of 65 will have to re-disease China currently has 180 million people with hypertension, diabetes and pre-diabetic patients with 250 million people the number of patients with hyperlipidemia as 90 million people, 350 million people are smokers, obese more than 7,000 people, all kinds of major diseases and the incidence is rising. Foreigners are often ridiculed Chinese people say: Why spend all Chinese people to line up money to exchange for their own piece usually do not cherish life. Because when we spend money to support doctors, know to health; when we spend money to recuperate before they know to keep the body; when we spend money to get rid of pain when, and only then the body seriously children youd rather spend a few day one hundred, thousands or even tens of thousands of money, to drinking and smoking, overeating late at night, the results of the cost it would take hundreds of thousands to treat liver, kidney treatment, cure body! Your health in the end it is worthwhile investment? Some say it is too expensive water purifier! I said, not a water purifier too expensive, but worthless in your eyes healthy. Eat a big meal $ 300, not expensive, will pipe meal. Smoke a pack of cigarettes $ 20, there is only smoke one day. 2000 yuan to buy a piece of clothing, not expensive, wear a year. 6000 yuan to buy Apple phone, not expensive, use 2 years. When it comes to health you do not pay attention, a months wages can buy a water purifier, but you can use seven or eight years. If there is no health, and the rest are 0, dear to quickly pay for their own health bar. Diseases ranging from people, health care must be prepared as soon as possible! Do not wait until the hospital must spend money like water, to remember the importance of health is better than cure! Any investment you make in the world are likely losses, while the exception in investment in health is never a loss. If you truly do health as an investment behavior, the concept of time and money put into it, you are not far away from the quality of life! Previous: [Notes] shopping guide differs from the role of ultrafiltration water purifiers and tap water purifier

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