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Water purification market- increased significantly narrowed

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   Compared with the large home appliances, water purifier market growth has been envy. "2018--2023 Chinas water purifier market prospects and investment opportunities research report" shows that in 2017 China water purifier market reached 27.1 billion yuan, an increase of 33.2%, in 2018 China water purifier or sales volume will exceed 33 billion yuan. You know, the few large household appliances market is growing at double-digit category.

   However, nail technology notes from the 2018 first quarter, the high growth rate of the water purifier market has slowed down significantly. Orville cloud network data show that the water purifier market in 2018 Q1 retail sales of 4.64 billion yuan, an increase of only 12.1%.

   such a level of growth, with the home appliance industry has been quite average. For example, in 2018 Q1, retail sales grew 10.5% refrigerator, washing machine retail sales grew 8.4%, retail sales grew 14.9 percent air conditioning ......


   In addition, if the quarter retail sales growth point of view, the growth rate of the water purifier Q1 2018 has been a marked decline. Nail Technology noted that the data show that in 2017 Q1-Q4, water purifier market retail sales growth reached 40.6%, respectively, 47%, 22.3% and 27.9% in the first quarter of this year fell to 12.1%, year on year growth gap obvious.

   If the sales year on year growth from the point of view, this declining trend is also evident. 2017 Q1-Q4, retail sales of water purifier market growth rate reached 10.8%, respectively, 38.9%, 21.4% and 34.4% in the first quarter year on year growth rate of only 15.7%.


   in the market slow down, brand competition is more intense. Nail Technology analysts believe that competition in the market water purifier exhibit two characteristics:

   First, the brand concentration is not obvious, the number is still increasing the line brand, brand competition.

   Orville cloud network data, enhance the brand concentration has 2018 lines Q1, TOP5 brand share from 2017 59.8% 2018 63.8%. But also noted nail technology, brand, market concentration of the line there is a downward trend, top5 brands share fell from 88% in 2017To 86.8%. Overall, the water purifier market brand concentration is not more substantial upgrade. At the same time, the number of the line brand to compete are growing, increased from 90 in 2017 Q1 to 2018 Q1 96.


   The second is oligopolistic pattern has not been formed, domestic brands increase efforts to snatch the market, foreign brands Conservative difficult.

   From 2017 the brand pattern of view, three brands first camp in shipments amounted to more than 10 billion yuan, respectively, by the United States, Patio (plus Unilever), AO Smith composition, the second camp consists of Angel, Philips, EcoWater sunrise Department (Four seasons song Mu sun rain plus), can open, Hao Ze, clean water source, 3M, Pentair, cloud meters, Gree and other brands components. A third group consists of TCL, Changhong, Sloan, Qin Kang, Ainikesi, springs and other brands to make up. Integrated Orville cloud network and other data, the rapid development of domestic brands, the strong eating the market share of foreign brands, the industry has not yet formed an oligopoly market.

   Sankei observers, nail technology founder, Major General Ding believes, as a new water purifier appliance category is still in the universal market dividend in Chinese, in the case of foreign brands can not establish an absolute technical barriers, domestic relying on the advantages of brand channels, prices, manufacturing, and other aspects, does have the ability to grab a bigger market share, it will be reflected in many other home appliances category, and as the industry standard and user education to improve the deepening of market reshuffle the depth of progress, quality and brand capabilities on the technical basis will determine the final height of the development of water purifier business.

   (Source: Nail Technology)

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