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5G era party platformromises to be a real dark horse-

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   5G change on human life, it may be far more than the traditional Internet and mobile Internet. Where business opportunities not only belong to the giant company, also belongs to the third-party platform.

   China Information and Communication Research Institute predicted "5G economic and social impact of the White Paper" in the year 2020 5G will bring direct economic output of about 484 billion yuan in 2025, 2030 5G led directly to economic output will rise to 3.3 trillion and 6.3 trillion.

   local companies expected to take advantage of Chinas development of 5G, grab more market share. Domestic communications network equipment mainly the four occupying Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia, 2017, four market share of 50%, 29.8%, 8% and 11.2% respectively, but in the "5G invest the whole landscape", the predicted By 2020 the market share of the four were 54%, 32%, 5% and 9%.

   5G whole industry chain, mobile communications infrastructure upstream, midstream operators of mobile communication services, as well as the downstream end scenarios, will be due to the rapid development of 5G benefit. Is closest to the user terminal and application scenarios, terminals such as new energy vehicles, intelligent home appliances, industrial equipment, application scenarios VR / AR, Telematics, telemedicine, 5G users to bring about changes in the perception of the most obvious.

   Wang set that the impact of the IoT and 5G AI There are three main, first, artificial intelligence and networking industry, especially AI products, play a role in iterative upgrade; second, to promote IoT the popularity of the scene, to increase the reaction speed, stability and safety response; third, it helps to lower the threshold typically consumer products things.


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   "We see consumer enthusiasm for smart home products, but the problem is how to put these devices better connect? "US consumers and technology Association senior director of innovation and trends in Ben Arnold said at the opening ceremony of the 2019 CES.

   In February, the Institute for Prospective Industry issued "China Smart Home Industry Equipment Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Report" mentioned in the "interoperability" began to be seen as a smart home battle at the entrance of Key words. At present, the cause can not be "interoperability" are mainly two, one factory out of their ownProtection, not open interfaces, or conditionally open interfaces, the second is the lack of a unified industry standard, even if each system provides an interface, can not directly compatible.

   This gives excellent opportunity for an independent third-party platform.

   the opportunity to rise in the third-party platform

   According to Gartner predicts that by 2020 the global number of IoT devices will reach 26 billion, ITU, Cisco, Intel and other agencies is predicted that in 2020 global networking equipment up to 200-500 one hundred million; IDC released data show that in 2020 this market will reach $ 1.7 trillion.

   Such a device number and size of the market, is certainly not an exclusive or a few companies.

   to giants layout, while the most intelligent interactive sound and consumers, for example. Voicify (Voicebot.ai) issued the "2019 US intelligence report consumer acceptance speakers" refer to two interesting data, intelligent speaker device owner in "buy the unused proportion of users doubled," but the family has two or more intelligent voice equipment, now accounting for more than 40%.


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   One can imagine, for consumers, more and more alternative brand, We have cross-brand intelligent voice equipment is becoming the norm. In Locke Finance statistics, in 2018 the number sold in the domestic smart audio brand to 37, an increase of 24 over last year. Although third-party applications on the smart sound more and more, but let Lynx APP wizard control Alexa, I believe the two companies will not agree, but for consumers, if not for a few APP, believe in with Alexas case, will want to play with Lynx wizard, the former may be more time listening to books and music, the latter may be more suitable for shopping.

   "as a platform for how to profit?" In the consumer Internet age, it is estimated that venture company CEO most frequently asked investor questions. The usual answer has three, advertising, value-added services, commission.

   as a third party company, integration of industrial chain, improve efficiency, is to create value. Whether it be a system service, logistics services, supply chain, financial or industrial SaaSIt is all that has been proven reliable profit model.

   For Internet companies, this is probably not a very simple thing, not to mention the traditional enterprise.

   "For the vast majority of home appliance manufacturers in terms of intelligence is the threshold, and we expect this threshold with AI technology continues to upgrade and iteration will be higher." Han Chen Liao said, graffiti intelligent been thinking about how to help partners reduce, reduce the threshold of development.

   lower technical threshold, save costs, improve production efficiency, the first to seize the market, and ultimately profit, where is the value of third-party platform.

   5G era, third-party platform promises to be a real dark horse.

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