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One Foundation jointly caring corporate repution booster wer

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   In March, another year school season, in the new semester, the children entered the campus carries a new vision again ...... March 8, word of mouth (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as word of mouth) to Shenzhen one Foundation Community Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the one Foundation) one of the water purification project implementation plan, poor counties in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County (hereinafter referred to Lanping County) Camp town Liancheng elementary school, the school sent a gift for the school children.

   live, word of mouth business school volunteers also distributed gifts cups for the kids. In addition, volunteers also on corporate reputation for the children of a small classroom hygiene, water purification process a live demonstration for the children, six-step hand-washing, and guide children to develop good health habits, so get healthier meaningful life.



Ali reputation for the children of employees in a small classroom in Sheung Shui and Health

   One Foundation and reputation go hand in attention to rural drinking water safety on campus

   It is reported that in 2017, according to the central deployment requirements on winning the battle of poverty, focus on building a special poverty alleviation, trade poverty, social poverty alleviation poverty alleviation pattern of large complement each other, combined with the global sustainable development agenda of poverty reduction goals of the United Nations in 2030, the One Foundation Alibaba reputation jointly set up in Yunnan poverty alleviation and water purification projects.

   2018, word of mouth and the One Foundation Project Purity agreement reached, the first designated installation of water purification equipment for the plight of schools in Yunnan all drinking 14 cups and distributed, collaborative social forces to work together to solve child poverty in rural areas safe drinking water, which is not only achieved in tackling poverty, "no worries about two, three guarantees" the overall goal of "worry about food," the focus of the work, but also improve the quality of rural life, prevention realistic choice because of drinking problems caused by poverty.

   through the provision of clean water facilities for rural schools, open water and health classroom training, to stimulate the benefit of students and their families to enhance health awareness. At the same time, to explore the social forces involved in tackling poverty cooperation mechanism, the establishment of multi-party partnerships, and strive to achieve long-term project results and sustainability.



The children pick one fund from the water purification equipment for water

   so that every child can enjoy the rural adequate, safe and affordable drinking water

   One Foundation is an innovative nonprofit organization founded in April 2007, January 2011 as the first private private foundations settled by the Jet Li Shenzhen. One Foundation to "do my best, all public service" for the vision, to build a professional and transparent public service platform, focused on disaster relief, child care and development, public support for the three major areas of innovation, to become a pioneer in Chinas public welfare, innovators and promoters. The One Foundation Project Purity by improving campus drinking water facilities, to carry out health education, protection of rural children access to a sufficient amount of safe, affordable drinking water.

   As of 2018, the One Foundation Project Purity has 28 provinces, 287 counties, 1,940 rural schools in 2131 to provide water purification equipment, with a special cup, to carry out water and sanitation health training on campus, helping more than 900,000 children to improve the quality of drinking water, improve drinking water safety awareness.

   local life as Alibabas Internet platform, covering more than 300 cities nationwide reputation, including a variety of dining, entertainment, life service and other service businesses more than 2.5 million lives.

   by the field view one fund water purification equipment after use in schools, word of mouth Fan Chi CEO admitted that the children are our future, the future hope children can have a healthy body, healthy drinking habits can give children lay a good foundation, so we believe that the One foundation Project Purity selection is very good. Next, we also hope to help local children by other means within its power.

   scene, Li Hong, executive secretary of the One Foundation, said one fund clean water programs over the years to improve school drinking water problem in rural areas of China, so that every child can enjoy the rural adequate, safe and affordable from drinking water. With the hope that the future will be the accumulation of years of clean water plan project experience in public companies used in poverty alleviation and love to explore a public road of a business cooperation model.

   drank hot water belly never uncomfortable

   As Lanping poor counties located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, a low mountain range Rift Valley area, the territory of high mountains and valleys, ravines vertical and horizontal, from more than 1000 meters above sea level to over 4500 meters, east and west uneven economic development.

   and primary school Liancheng Originally built in the middle of the next two villages, due to the landslides, after three relocation to this. Process, the One Foundation Project Purity partner Lanping County earthquake rescueEmergency aid volunteers in the research team found that - at present, Lanping county water supply facilities in some schools poorly equipped, and the county many schools introduced directly into the water system landscape, pure water is not enough and did not go through water purification.


   From November last year, one fund water purification equipment to enter primary school Liancheng, the children here are normally processed by the start drank water purification equipment is too hot. 9 years old and is the second year of Pei Zhu told reporters "there are raw dirt, we all like to drink water, drink hot water belly now never uncomfortable."

   one Foundation Project Purity partner Lanping County emergency earthquake rescue volunteer team captain Yang Yanbin told reporters after the November 2018 one fund water purification equipment to enter primary school Liancheng, you have to be replaced once every three months purification equipment. Water is the source of life, floor One Foundation Project Purity has far-reaching significance for the local children.

   in the past ten years of volunteerism One Foundation joint relief captain He Junhui frankly, One Foundation Project Purity landing in poor areas of major significance campus. Before the children drink unboiled water, a great impact on the body, and landed one fund water purification equipment not only improves childrens quality of drinking water has gradually changed their drinking habits, we want the government to push through a step by step meager civil power improve drinking water conditions of local children.

   (Source: China Daily, invasion deleted)

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