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RO reverse osmosis water purifi what brand Falan Ni RO revse

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   At present, water purification products for many people, is not a rarity, and it can purify water, protect the safety and health of household drinking water. Water purifier market is now growing, poor water quality for the region and family, it is recommended to buy a water purifier products. For water, the consumer needs nothing but two types of drinking water, direct drinking; another is the water of life, such as cooking, vegetables and other uses. For both purposes, the market now has a corresponding water purification products.

   using the domestic water, ultrafiltration water purifiers are generally used. It uses a membrane technology. Ultrafiltration water purifiers which filtration precision of up to 0.01 micron, chemical energy to remove water, rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides.

   the use of drinking water, reverse osmosis is generally used RO water purifier. Which uses RO RO membrane technology, filtration accuracy of 0.001 microns, can effectively remove bacteria, impurities, toxins, heavy metals. Purification efficiency, purification can drink straight, generally can be installed with. Some RO reverse osmosis water purifier need to meet pipeline machine.

   So the question is, good RO reverse osmosis water purifier what brand? Currently, the water purification industry brands have more than 5,000, of which less than 100 brands. Industry generally recognized water purifier brands are: Falan Ni water purifiers, water purifiers Midea, Haier water purifiers, water purifier brands such large-scale, strong production strength, whether it is product quality, service, or product price and brand awareness are among the best in the industry, ranked the overall strength of perennial water purifiers top ten brands list. Falan Ni topped the rankings of water purifiers, selling more amazing. According to the PRC data show that the third quarter of 2016, Falan Ni RO reverse osmosis water purifier sales of the first comprehensive market share of 21%, becoming widely recognized by users of RO reverse osmosis water purifier brand. The following we have to Falan Ni RO reverse osmosis water purification as an example for you to analyze what the characteristics and use of RO reverse osmosis water purifier.


RO鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒浠€涔堢墝瀛愬ソ 娉曞叞灏糝O鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒閿€閲忕涓€

   1. Fa Lanni RO reverse osmosis water purification filter cartridge configuration and function

   Fa Lanni RO Water purifier typically five filter, first level PP cotton filter; a second stage of granular activated carbon filter; third stage is compressed activated carbon filter; RO is the fourth stage reverse osmosis membrane; firstSilver is five post carbon filter. Falan Ni RO reverse osmosis membrane, using the French advanced water purification technology. Fa Lanni RO reverse osmosis technology and innovation in the industry based on the accuracy of up to 0.0001 micron filter, reverse osmosis desalination rate of 95% -98%, water effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial endotoxin, and large some organic matter and other impurities, is the most advanced, most energy-efficient, most environmentally friendly way of a desalination, are widely used in aviation, medical and so on.

   Fa Lanni fifth stage RO reverse osmosis water purification filter for water purifier manufacturers Fa Lanni silver special post carbon filter. Rear silver carbon filter, through laboratory experiments and repeated research, most scientific ratio finally obtained ratios, volcanic rock, red far outside the living fossil energy such as natural magnets and medical stone composite, combined magnetization, mineralization, activation energy conversion and, at the same time to remove impurities, and includes weak base characteristics, oxygen-rich, small molecules and the like.


RO鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒浠€涔堢墝瀛愬ソ 娉曞叞灏糝O鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒閿€閲忕涓€

   2. Fa Lanni RO reverse osmosis water purification installation

   RO reverse osmosis water purification installation Fa Lanni is varied, can be flexible options. Kitchen can cook on the wall. Installation location, because the main products are used as domestic water, it can be installed in the living room, kitchen, family or appropriate water points.

   3. Fa Lanni RO Water purifier price

   Fa Lanni RO Water purifier affordable, popular with users in the market. Falan Ni per RO reverse osmosis water purifier is a selection of high-quality raw materials, product quality, the company has been taking the brand line, will not use artificially high prices to make quick money. Falan Ni water purifier RO reverse osmosis water purifier Depending on the configuration, different models with prices ranging from 1000 to 3000 than the industry easily four or five thousand RO reverse osmosis water purifier to benefit a lot. Falan Ni each product lean production, quality and quantity, to consumers in absolute value for money. Choose water purifiers, advised consumers to choose mainstream price of the product, Falan Ni water purifier RO reverse osmosis water purifier two or three thousand, the average family can afford. This is real value for money.


RO鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒浠€涔堢墝瀛愬ソ 娉曞叞灏糝O鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒閿€閲忕涓€

   4. Fa Lanni RO reverse osmosis water purification installation, ease of operation it

   Fa Lanni RO Water purifier Easy installation? Falan Ni RO reverse osmosis water purifier goodInstallation, even fully understand water purifier friends do not have to worry about installation problems. First, the user buy water purifier in Falan Ni Fa Lanni joined the store, Falan Ni proxy franchisee will be free for users to install. If the online store to buy water purifier on Falan Ni, the company will promptly arrange the receipt of goods after the user personnel on-site installation for users to install; secondly, Falan Ni water purification products chassis is equipped with installation instructions, installation according to the instructions instructions to the other on the internet can also search Falan Ni water purifier installed video; Finally, Falan Ni water purifier from the design to take into account the user product installation problems, so the machine is very easy to install design, product identification clear, consumers do not need to worry about.

   If you have any installation problems, can be timely advice Falan Ni franchisee or agency official website, the electricity supplier shop customer service. Falan Ni can also call the 24-hour service hotline, a phone, the company will solve all your problems.


RO鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒浠€涔堢墝瀛愬ソ 娉曞叞灏糝O鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘村櫒閿€閲忕涓€

   5. Falan Ni RO reverse osmosis water purifier for the first time need to pay attention to what

   First, tap, tap water inlet valve, clean all the taps open, until the rinsing water 15 minutes until a clear, foam-free yield. Frequently during flushing tap switch (3 seconds off, 10 seconds apart) so formed pulsatile flow impact, better flushing will.

   Then Close the drain tap, the tap is opened purification, after five minutes of water can be used normally.

   buy Falan Ni RO reverse osmosis water purifier is also very convenient way, you can join a local store to buy Falan Ni, online Falan Ni can buy electronic business platform. Falan Ni now opened a Taobao shop, shop Lynx, Jingdong, Suning stores and shop four stores, like online shopping friends may wish to purchase in Falan Ni online shop.



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