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Small household appliance market to takehheat usher in inves

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  Small household appliance market to take the heat usher in investment and speculative commercial chaos http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:36 on June 5 Source: appliances circle T


   HC Network from water purification beginning in the fourth quarter of last year, the first quarter of this year, just six small household appliance market quickly appeared round of "investment and speculation," the coexistence of commercial chaos. Some people see the future of small appliances business opportunities in the hope of homeopathy; someone saw small appliances current market opportunities, hoping to earn a ticket and left.


   on the market less than a year the Cubs Electric, its stock price this year from 52.22 yuan per share, at the lowest, all the way up, peaked at 140.33 yuan per share, gains gratifying.

   June 4 closing, founded only 10 years of Winnie the electrical market value has reached 1.6 billion yuan; the same day, established nearly 30 years, Wan and electrical, the market value of only 6.246 billion yuan, less than half the electrical Cubs; APB 60 Sichuan Changhong for many years, the market value of 126 billion yuan, 80 percent less than the Cubs appliances.

   recently than six months, Winnie electrical appliance market in Chinas "strong counter-attack", from one hundred dollars only sell small household electrical appliances became the darling of the capital market. Not just the rage in the capital markets, but also in the small appliance industry triggered a speculative investment intersection with the tide.

   Many industry insiders told appliances laps from the end of last year, the small appliance market there have been two shares of the tide: a surge from the market, mainly in the number of retail businesses are including electricity suppliers, agents, have to see opportunities to small household appliance market, from the downstream motivated, operate their own brand of small appliances; the other shares from large appliances, kitchen electric companies have their eyes on the low proportion of Chinese household small appliances, while consumption has been in the upgrade, a large number of Western-style, a health and beauty care small appliances, hidden tremendous business opportunities.

   First side too kitchen electric business outside the group to open up brand new Mibo kitchen light new business, the launch of the first product is the "multi-function cooking machine", which is representative of Western-style cooking machine. Meanwhile, the US group set up a special Western-style small appliances operating platform, different from the existing business model of the life of electrical appliances, the introduction of new models, new channel development of new classes. In addition, including Glanz, nine-yang, Supor, and Hisense and other household electrical appliance enterprises also have to expand the category of Western-style small appliances.

  At the same time, these small appliances giants have taken a new brand, new model, the international campaign of the new class of small appliances. There are a large number of appliance dealers who are using the power of third-party capital, as well as its own channel platform edge, striding gallop into the small appliance industry, including registering new brand, launched new category, to seek a new cake. Industry sources, "There are hundreds of small home appliances projects are under construction during the second half of this year, the fastest round battle will lead the market."

   In addition, is the large number of speculators who saw an opportunity to small household appliance market by OEM, leasing, and even counterfeit famous brands, etc., through the electronic business platform, including Taobao, fight a lot, as well as todays headlines, micro-channel content , vibrato and other platforms for rapid retail, quickly grab market opportunities point. Of course, all at a low price as a precondition snatch.

   So, this round of the Miami Heat small household appliance market, in the end can burn long? Flash in the pan, burning or continue flourishing. In the next 1, 2 years, small household appliance market, customer needs and commercial space, it will still persist at least stage and detonated.


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