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Water purifier industry occurred in 2017 ovthose events _ wa

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  Those authors water purifier industry has undergone a major event in 2017 had: water purifier Views: 1614 Published: 2018-1-3 10:02:59 water purifier industry has undergone a lot of big events in 2017, water purifier standards the introduction of water purifier exhibition, water purifier Summit seminars have been held, water purifier industry rules gradually improved, kitchen appliance brands to get involved in water purification machine industry, shows that there is a huge potential for water purifier industry. 2017, water purifier industry has undergone a big event? First, the Chinese water industry consumer research report released April 18, the second session of the Chinese water companies hundred grand press conference held at Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing. At the meeting China Daily Research Institute released the "2017 China water industry research report", the report not only from the macro background and policy for the water industry to do the analysis, but according to a sample survey of the water purifier brand and products made in-depth analysis: including coverage and brand share, brand satisfaction, product pricing, customer demand, customer satisfaction, consumer spending tends to several aspects. According to research reports and selection of each brand in 2016 sales a "2017 China water purifier 10 companies": the United States, A.O Smith, Angel, ho Chak, Haier, Georgia and the US, the clean water source, Rongshida, drill Hao, Qin Kang. Second, the "2017 China water purifier indoor air purification industry and consumer White Paper" was held at the Beijing National Convention Center August 11, sponsored by the China Association for Quality Inspection, AO Smith and other enterprises jointly supervised the "2017 China clean water and indoor air purification industry consumer White Paper "release ceremony held at the Beijing national Convention Center, to the community, to the popularity of two net consumer knowledge, promote the healthy development of the industry. Secretary-General of China Association for Quality Inspection Ke Zhen right, the Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment have Dengrui De chairman and secretary general, said in a speech published activities in Chinas economic "new normal", has become the largest consumer driving economic growth engine, the arrival of "a new era of consumption," the new situation in China is changing the consumer, "two net" products as a healthy home development in China in recent years, rapid growth, high-profile. Third, China (Wuhan) drinking water purification equipment exhibition was successfully held China (Wuhan) International Drinking Water purification equipment exhibition in September 7, 2017 - China Wuhan International Expo in 9thCenter. The exhibition is expected to exhibition area of 鈥嬧€?0,000 square meters, covering the domestic and foreign excellent drinking water purification industry chain products, showcase advanced water purification technologies and solutions, build drinking water industry information exchange platform, help domestic and foreign enterprises to open up new markets for to promote the development of the central water purification equipment industry has brought new opportunities. Fourth, the "China quality home water purification White Paper" released September 20, "Chinese household water purification quality white paper" released online. This is a water purification industry for the first time on a full range of content in drinking water quality, water purifier using pain points and solutions combing integration, mainly through the white paper questionnaires 20 days, covering 34 provincial-level administrative regions crowd, from 10582 valid questionnaires recovered large data analysis and technical guidance pooled together. "White Paper" content is displayed, the entire survey population, the presence of more than 50% of consumer concerns "leakage leakage" aspects of water purifiers, water purifiers and more 24.22% of users said occurred in the course of the water purifier leakage leakage phenomenon. It seems consumers purifier leakage leakage phenomenon of "Tucao" is not groundless. Fifth, the Chinese water industry Technology Conference successfully held the afternoon of October 13, 2017 China water industry technology conference held in Tangshan Nanhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Angel, Haier, Lake Electric, Qin Kang, Rongshida, Beijing Bowen Industrial Electronics Zhejiang outstanding water purification business representatives and other full debut East technology Conference. Conference, Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industrial Group Co., Ltd. with excellent product quality and advanced technological achievements, was selected as the second batch of equipment to drinking water into the campus recommend pilot units. At the meeting, deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, Institute of Environmental Health Bai Xuetao, left the extension magpie PRC, brand general manager of authoritative data center research organization, the American Water Quality Association Ding Peng, head of China were on "the protection of water purifier role in human health, "and" new positioning, new layout, re-start: Interpreting trends in 2017 China water purifier "," Analysis of the US water industry "made a keynote speech in the field of professional, domestic and international water industry has done a professional interpretation. Sixth, the Chinese water industry development forum held a grand October 24, with "the quality of ingenuity, wisdom made experts" as the theme of the 2017 China Development Forum and water industry Hao drill grand new conference was held in Ningbo Yong Yi the Four Seasons Hotel. This event is organized by "China Drinking Water" organized Drilling Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Hao sole sponsor. China Disease Prevention and Control Center for Environmental Health and Related ProductChen Xiping, director of microorganisms, the Chinese water industry veteran Gu Chuan long, left the extension magpie, general manager of Beijing PRC, market research, Ltd. Brand Center attended the forum. The meeting site Midea, Haier Strauss, Pentair, United States Aiken, Finney, clean water source, Rongshida, nine-yang, boss, Changhong, Supor, Olin, Shui-lai, Vantage, Amoi, Yadu, run new, ho Chak, Falan Ni, Exxon, Saatchi, Bangdeng, excellent port, more than 60 companies, nearly 100 people gathered to discuss the development direction of clean water. Seven, water purifier first released on December 6, 2017 through the first batch of "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" reverse osmosis water purifier product launch in Beijing by reverse osmosis water-efficient products list of new GB held. The event is organized by the Chinese Academy of household appliances health appliances inspection center, known electrical contractors Market Research Center, Suning Appliance as a support unit, known electrical laboratory, science and technology as a support media appliances, jointly participated in this release. Including Ho Chak, Haier, Midea, Green Springs Lake, Angel, Honeywell, AO Smith, Patio, Mu Four Seasons songs, owner of electrical appliances, home pleasure and a total of 11 models of 15 brands of water purification products (ranking in no particular order) took the lead through "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" reverse osmosis water purifier new national standard test, set a benchmark for the entire industry, promoting technological upgrading of the water industry to play a leading role. Eight Chinese water purification Development Forum was successfully held December 6, by the China Electronic Information Industry Association and Beijing Orville cloud network Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "2017 water industry development Summit Forum" was successfully held in Beijing . Lack of water resources, serious water pollution, water pollution incidents frequently, secondary water pollution situation frequent, safe drinking water has become essential. At the same time with the improvement of living standards, the requirements for drinking water quality is getting higher and higher, Chinese water appliance is crossing from the "drink" era to the "net" era, water purifier market ushered in the opportunity of rapid development. Nine, innovation and development of water purification industry in Shandong Grand Summit held December 23, by the Shandong Provincial Light Industry association collective enterprises, Shandong Province, water treatment equipment, household appliances industry association committee guidance, Shandong Province, household appliances industry association of household water treatment equipment professional Committee, Shandong Fu and environmental Technology Company Limited, Shandong Province, water purification appliance industry association three secondary special committee of all members of Congress and "2017 water industry Shandong Innovation Development Forum "held in Jinan Huangtai grand hotel. Shandong province leaders and experts from various industry associations, water industry and more than 200 entrepreneurs from across the country come together to discuss Shandong net future water market, forecast the development trend of water purification industry. these are the water purification industry in 2017 inventory of large events, have to say that the past year water purification industry has made great achievements, which is inseparable from every person clean water efforts. the new year coming, the water industry certainly do not read past, afraid of the future, in replacement of the water industry today, more efforts to tap the market potential, to fill the vacancies in the market, to seek a breakthrough innovation, combined with the depth of the Internet economy, will water purifiers reach millions of households, give every consumer a more healthy water purifier new experience!

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