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Water softener works and the effect of the dep analysis

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using the kinetic energy of the water hydraulic control valve driving two turbines are driven by two gear driven rotary dial and water control panel. Total flow rate of water through the dial, the control panel will be introduced into a raw water pressure signal is set by a set of valve chamber bore, opening or closing according to a set rule pressure port while rotating, so as to automatically switch integrated in one of a set of valves .


soft water hydraulic control valve composed of two resin tank (main tank and the sub tank), tank salt composed of three parts, a control valve controlling the water passage switching between the main tank and the sub tank, the tank is to ensure that there is always a the operating state, while the other is in regeneration or standby tank, regeneration salt solution against a valve mounted within a venturi ejector vacuum suction, washed with water and the regeneration of another tank is softened water. For different raw water with water hardness distribution dial different numbers to reach the corresponding operation and a regenerative cycle.


Water hardness is mainly composed of cations: Calcium (Ca2 +), magnesium (Mg2 +) ions configuration. When present, the hardness of raw water through the resin layer exchanger, water calcium and magnesium ions are adsorption resin, while the release of sodium ions, flowing within such exchanger water is to remove the softened water hardness ions when the resin adsorption of calcium, after the magnesium ions up to a certain saturation, the water hardness increases, at this time the water softener regeneration operation failure will be automatically resin according to a predetermined procedure, by using a higher concentration of sodium chloride solution (saline) by the resin, so that the failure of the resin restored to the sodium form resin.


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