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2015- June 10 --12 Hitachi liters of water and meet you Shan

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   Eighth Shanghai International Water Exhibition

   Show time: 10-12 June 2015

   Venue Address: Shanghai State convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao business District)

   Welcome liters corporate booth (Hall 7, 2nd floor)

   booth 2.075 learn more, experience more!

   2015 eighth AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai international water Exhibition, will be held June 10 - 12, held at the national Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The current Shanghai International Exhibition scale water to 10 million square meters, more than 2,000 exhibitors gathered, is expected to have 45,000 professional visitors.

   The show continues beyond the inherent sewage treatment, membrane and water treatment, water purification end of the three major brands themes, new air exhibition in Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition solid waste gas two environmental theme exhibition, to meet professional visitors, exhibitors at home and abroad evolving needs. Over the same period more than 100 high-end industry conferences and forums, Water Treatment latest technology, products and solutions.

   By then, the company will carry liters liters of water purification Shanghai International Water Exhibition, booth is located in Hall 7, 2nd floor 2.075. During the exhibition, the booth also features a liter "clean water right" to provide clean water free experience for guests, welcome to tasting.

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