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News Week Inventory- China Water Purifier Network Ten hot ne

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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Changchun days Pu Jiade companies have reached a strategic cooperation with the house of pleasure to the total water purifiers, - M: water purification industrys first global small and medium enterprises have successfully logged in equity trading center and so on industry events one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (4.10-4.16) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Changchun days in total Pu Jiade company entered into a strategic cooperation with the house of pleasure water purifier

   Changchun red in total daily kitchen of understanding with the house of pleasure also by chance, it is a red kitchen total distribution in Changchun, one is Chinese water purifier a strength of the brand, is expanding its own kitchen and a career, being a National Recruitment agency for the collision and distribution, and brand strength, ideas and thoughts, it struck a spark of love, is also reasonable to tie the knot ... why this is the spark of love, because love talking about the first one is the fate, then fall in love, mutual recognition and even powerful combination. [Click for more]

   - M: water purification industrys first global small and medium enterprises have successfully logged in equity trading center

   water purification industry with the economic development, this market is also a cake more and more, if one wants to stand out in the industry have a good mode - M Group is the first in the industry to obtain constant change, the first use of water purifiers things, the first use of SNS sales model the first shared enterprises, in response to a shared economy, the concept of revenue sharing, Kang Hua Group in 2016 in the three northeastern provinces pilot, and the pilot is successful, with this success, there are a lot of fancy Chinese capital market Kang Group. [Click for more]

   concerned about drinking water straight drinking water machine Anquan Hao Ze settled in Shenzhen Hongling Middle School

   yesterday by Ho Chak Drinking water purifier special cooperation "Yellow Spring Kitchen summer autumn and winter, "formally launched the matter, in the future, Hao Ze will be further layout of the home market, and continue to consolidate the leading position in the commercial market. . Due to the increasingly severe, educational institutions across the country awareness of healthy drinking water is also rising, more and more schools use water dispensers water pollution problem instead of the original bottled water, whether from an economic, environmental or health and safetyAll aspects, advantages water dispensers has no doubt. [Click for more]

   love Guy: service is the key to enhance the value of water purifiers

   water purification industry known as "profiteering industry", the potential market is huge, but clean water industry has experienced nearly two decades of development, industry and gradually maturing, competition heats up, so in this special period, how well the innovation and marketing of water purification services are each water purifier manufacturers, sales agents and attaches great importance to We are committed to explore the issue. Service indefinitely, marketing should serve as the guide, service and marketing ...... the idea that the concept of endless, water purifier manufacturers also widely recognized and accepted. [Click for more]


   love, the source of the water purifier water purifier donated to projects that benefit

   "acts of love, to give people a healthy and clean living", which is made Anzhi source water purifier launched a public service activities, but also a water purification company, a move back to society, it is a safe source of good wishes to projects that benefit. Enterprise, the source of the water purifier is a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, since its inception has been focusing on investment in the love of public welfare. Statistics show that in my country up to 65% of people drink muddy, polluted water, water pollution has a direct impact on urban and rural water security issues. [Click for more]

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