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Redstar IMP enabling industry-wide -super-connected- 4 trill

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   This past New Years big promotion, with the aid effort IMP marketing platform of global home wisdom "blessing", Redstar completed business sales revenue of 3.227 billion yuan, to achieve 150 400 Number of People, reduce the cost of acquisition (CPA) 40% of older members re-purchase rate increased 131%.

   in the traditional off-season home industry, to produce a season of sales performance, the figure in 2019 to become commercial entities will continue up strong evidence.

   "It is based on confidence in the wisdom of IMP marketing platform of global home, in 2019 we will accelerate the Cheers of thousands of stores plan to achieve ten billion in Greater China sales impact." MANWAH General Manager of Greater China, Luo Ting-shu said he was full of hope in the future of the Greater China Group Cheers.

   in cooperation Cheers and IMP platform in 2018, "11" and "double 11" big promotion are two outstanding record of achievement, especially in the "double 11", enabling Chi IMP Hwashi Meikailong turnover reached 204 million yuan.



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   In fact, IMP platform on September 10, 2018, in the 42nd State Fair site officially launched by the Redstar. But IMP is based on 32 years of deep plowing Redstar home industry, and after a large-scale, high frequency, multi-scene of combat exercise. In 2018 during the "double 11", Tencent Meikailong hand in hand, to a small program for online micro-channel main battlefield in order to show the power of nuclear weapons as to achieve national Mall turnover exceeded 16 billion yuan record.

   "the core values 鈥嬧€媜f IMP platform is to realize the full cycle of a users home improvement personalized marketing services to super-user service, enabling industry businesses." Meikailong Home Group Executive Director, Planning and Management Center general manager, Internet Group CMO He Xinghua representation.

   IMP enabling Cheers deep wisdom Marketing

   IMP is based on good performance in the "October" and "double 11" big promotion two hit, Cheers select the deep wisdom and common IMP home.

   December 13, Redstar and Cheers year signed a strategic cooperation it will be carried out at the depth of marketing wisdomTogether to create a "group pointed goods" home marketing new business models, build Cheers "thousands of stores plan." In particular Meikailong we will continue to take the power boost Cheers Greater China sales rush billion. The partnership also marks a year of concern IMP entered the stage of actual revenue, the industry has been recognized brands, new revenue models, it is rapidly becoming a reality.

   "This is a powerful combination of the worlds two leading furniture brands," Luo Ting-shu said, Cheers and Meikailong cooperation in digital marketing level for a long time. "Especially since 2018, under the IMP global household wisdom marketing platform enabling, 11 and double 11 are two major pro record excellent results, we are more determined to carry out in-depth and Meikailong confidence in the strategic cooperation. "

   in the tree view Luo Ting, IMP will be home based on all the downstream users in exchange, trade, service interaction of the most important data platform. For consumers, IMP can be significant savings in time costs for consumers; in terms of brands, IMP is a more economical mode of shared marketing, business marketing, cost savings through the integration of resources, brands can save down costs to improve product quality, increase the price competitiveness of their products, but also to meet consumer demand.

   Luo Ting-shu vividly cited the following example: "Smart marketing is not a coin toss in the air, it is actually favorable to consumers, create value for brands, and provide more dollars possibilities. "

  " after the strategic partnership with Redstar Cheers comprehensive broaden cooperation dimension, covering the shop from brand to market business cooperation, "Redstar Group total investment center manager Zhu Jiagui introduced the Road, "the two sides will shop, store management, team building, to end retail products, marketing all-round cooperation, and vigorously promote the protection of strategic thousands of shops in 2019."

   seek home wisdom marketing the new model

   currently, the flow of dividends is rapidly disappearing, we have entered the era of the stock. To make matters worse, the needs of the user, the users time allocation, user scenes contacts are accelerating fragmentation. Traffic is like a pool, coming less and less water, and water pipes are more and more.

   home industry needs to face, in addition to flow difficulties, as well as a comprehensive digital DiegoOn behalf of the upgraded difficult problems.

   He Xinghua analyzes the causes of this kind of problem: "The domestic industry has" three highs ": high dispersion, high relevance and high complexity"

   "High discrete" is It refers to the user disperse, disperse category, brand scattered, dispersed products, channels disperse, disperse scene, decentralized decision-making and other factors. The so-called "high relevance" refers to the degree of association between each character home improvement industry, such as user and user with the designers, the construction side, supervision, and other merchandise shopping guide; correlation between commodities, such as sofas and lamps, beds between mattresses, flooring and warm, air-conditioning and ceiling, cabinets and refrigerator, engineering and merchandise, and between commodity and engineering. The combination of high discrete associated with high, resulting in high complexity of the domestic industry. It is this "three high health", leading to the domestic industry, marketing, operations, research and development of low efficiency, as well as more serious dilemma - it is difficult to quickly and efficiently self iteration.

   Thus, IMP global household wisdom marketing platform came into being. "We have to solve the furniture industry three high problem." He Xinghua said.

   In this regard, many years of deep plowing in the home industry Luo Ting trees are deep. "We are dealers themselves to build ERP, CRM is very difficult, very difficult to rely on our own digital marketing industry to achieve rapid upgrades, such a historical turning point in the development of the industry, an industry leader needs to stand up, I am pleased to see IMP came into being, I think it is a whole new possibilities for the future of retail wisdom. "Luo Ting-shu emotional expression of the brands pain points and expectations of the IMP.

   IMP platform of the whole scene contact system, industry solutions that solve the "three high" issue and the industry pain points.

   He Xinghua said, IMP whole scene contact system includes five contact matrix: with more than 12 million users of official contacts from the media matrix, more than 1.5 million household contacts of people matrix, large industry the DMP-wide private network advertising contacts matrix, more than 10 million active members contact array of home improvement, throughout the country under the terminal contact array 180 cities 267 mall line. These matrices allow brands in the global range, 360-degree continuous, sustained, all-round customer touch of precision.

   "IMP platform in 360-degree user portrait, hidden off the radar scan, global precision interactive, Daren social fission, the brand three-dimensional display,Content personalization manufacturing, data marketing, membership customized marketing, user life-cycle management, terminal digital management Ten aspects to enhance Cheers digital marketing capabilities, to help Cheers complete with each role, each scene, ultra-between the various content connection, and ultimately to each users full life cycle of customized marketing services. "He Xinghua said, this is for the domestic industry in all businesses can share business value.

   fully energized 4 trillion domestic industry

   Since September 10, 2018 IMP officially unveiled, Redstar started the layout of the national market across the board in advance of actual combat, the first stop is the cooperation with Tencent "double 11" big promotion. the two sides goal is "smart retailing" for the common idea, and in the establishment of digital difference consumer experience, to build a "digital" operating system, create a home industry new digital ecology and other areas of cooperation, explore the home retail industry value chain remodeling.

   thus, later in the "double 11" big promotion in Meikailong micro letter applet is the main battlefield of the line, the whole scene to achieve full precision drainage channels, Tencents traffic and data blessing for efficient conversion, create a domestic industry, "pointed goods group" mode, to play a "group of people" social fission advantage, through personalized content marketing thousands of thousands face lift conversion rates, and ultimately the "11 11" "group pointed goods" big promotion National mall turnover exceeded 16 billion yuan, of which the total number of orders for over 410,000 passengers price up to 38,900 yuan.

   this performance also strengthened the confidence of Cheers depth cooperation with IMP. to this end, the big New Years Day in 2019 to promote, the Cheers first to launch a number of "699 yuan first single sofa chair "and" 4599 yuan first-class seat 3 + 1 sofa "participation" group pointed goods. "

  " tip goods group "is the new marketing Redstars first home games are played, with IMP achieve full scene whole drainage channels accurate, efficient conversion flow, play a "group of people" (shopping guide, designers, owners groups the main group, etc.) fission social advantages, through personalized content marketing thousands of thousands face lift conversion rates, help home brand low-cost, high-acquisition.

   with micro letter, QQ, circle of friends, applets enabling social fission tools, IMP platform to achieve a "one pair of N" and "peer to peer around Daren "dissemination and build off function, to create the industrys first mobile social split B2C2CVarying matrix, through the entire mall into a flow ecology, so that the brightest "group of people" became the mall traffic across all brands shared with efficiency and scale acquisition, traffic fission terminal.

   values 鈥嬧€?group pointed goods" is not only the faiths at low prices to buy goods tip, it is through this innovative marketing model complete Cheers, Sealy, Boloni, ZhiBang, such as the European School Red Star BEAUTY Chiron shopping system, the major domestic brands and each character, each scene, hyperlinks between the contents. As a result, Redstar already aimed at the furniture industry 4 trillion market expectations by IMP fully energized for the whole industry.

   He Xinghua concluded that, IMP platform is the "super-connected", is about a whole home improvement cycle different node connecting the users precise, to provide users with a personalized decoration full cycle marketing services to achieve the same for different brands accurate and efficient drainage of the user.

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