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Water purification industry, -precise positioning- _ werurif

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  Water purification industry, "precise positioning" Author: purifier Views: 401 Published: 2017-12-13 10:52:43 current consumer awareness of water purifier brand is not big enough, water purifier manufacturers the growing popularity of clean water also need knowledge, so that more people understand the true water purifier, population-based design and high quality services, to grasp the characteristics of different consumers, make the difference of marketing planning, to meet the needs of consumers. Water purifier franchisees how precise positioning of consumer groups? Common operational approach is to divide the customer base. Hot water purifier market, home appliances, many water purifiers regardless of the appearance, function, use the above scenario is very similar, it may be of the same generation water purifier manufacturers of products, different types of water purifiers want to look like "twin brothers" do not look at corporate LOGO not tell. Water purification industry is not conducive to long-term development, water purification companies to design different products for different consumer groups. 1, the pursuit of young consumers Young stylish look cool and the pursuit of more scientific and technological sense, remote operation is standard, they are not the pursuit of intelligent control and can share with friends, but also to meet consumer emotional needs, the products have a "story", development and product marketing functions to be used to grasp the future will be intelligent society. 2, the elderly increase consumer awareness of healthy aging into the age, the number and proportion of elderly population increases every year, in the elderly clothing, shelter, and many are more frugal consumer, but they consume investment in health is great. Water purifier enterprises can seize the needs of the elderly, applied research and development and improvement of products. Requirements for the elderly purifier is this: bacteria can filter pollution, protect the health and drinking water; simple user interface, clear font display, small buttons; a personal on-site service to replace the filter regularly, and their intelligence, WiFi function , less demanding remote operation. If the water purifier franchisee can seize the needs of young consumers production, water purification products selected design is full of fashion sense of water purification products, but also a huge market returns, water purifier manufacturers should pay attention to product innovation, innovation , water purification industry leading trend of the wind, manufacturers and franchisees achieve better explore the market, to win the profits. Of water purifiers to join, according to local market needs, choose to adapt water purifier brand, depending on consumptionNeeds of the population selected products.

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