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Spring March and Saul Division purifier water pufication fea

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   Saul participate in the Fourth Division of the Yangtze River water purification equipment exhibition

   Fair Date: March 17, 2018 --19 date

   Show location: Cixi Convention Center

   booth: A66

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   spring in March, coincided with the 14th China Cixi Household appliances Expo / Fair fourth Yangtze River water purification equipment, Ningbo environmental Protection Technology Co. bring Saul Division 2018 new water purification products to attend the

   the 14th China Cixi Household appliances Expo will be held March 17 - was held in Cixi convention and Exhibition Center on the 19th.

   2017, the citys home appliance industry output value of 45.7 billion yuan, an increase of 5.3%. Cixi household appliance industry completed a small home appliances to large home appliance manufacturing imitation, from a single species to multi-species series production, from the first-mover advantage to the advantage of the mechanism, to the progressive development of the industrial chain advantage.

   todays "Cixi Household Appliances" direction is toward smart, healthy, IOT technology a big step forward. Show is seeking to guide the development of intelligent home appliances industries, speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading to guide efforts to improve the results of the Consumer Electronics Show in Cixi industrial and trade exchange services platform.

   intelligent dotting become the biggest highlight of this exhibition, artificial intelligence appliance industry trends Forum, smart appliances Development Forum, "smart appliances 途 things together in the future" forum so will lead the citys home appliance industry restructuring and development; Hangzhou Bay innovation Center will join nine industrial design, 3D printing, intelligent things together, marketing services and other home appliances companies hold together the show.

   At present, this exhibition has more than 250 exhibitors of home appliances, including enterprises settled side too, bull, card Dili Asia, Wan love, pray for Jubilee, tripod, Long wood, Kin-fai, Shanghai and other open to the city and outside the enterprise.

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   Ningbo Saul Division Environmental Protection Technology Co. is a professional R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as one of one of the water purification business, producing maternal water purifiers, RO reverse osmosis heating machine, RO reverse osmosis machine cabinet, the UF ultrafiltration, energy water, drink straight, pipeline, central water purifiers, water softeners and other purification products.

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   2018 new listing

   1: free installation of mobile water purifier

   2: five bottles Mac

   3: a new micro-technology wastewater purifier

   4: intelligent machines

   Saul Division with the staff, welcomed the new and old customers guidance

   Tel: 0574-63680556

   understand Saul Division water purifier brand details, please click on 绱㈠皵鍙? src=

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