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Reverse the growth in water industry downturn

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   2016, is bound to be extraordinary. Even the end is approaching, China market economy has also undergone a big shock. According to press reports, the negative growth of up to four and a half years has finally reversed the producer price index, housing prices, coal, iron and steel, paper, transportation and other industries price or cost ride that transfer to all areas of manufacturing. And under the influence of price factors as well as market volatility, closures also a wave after wave. Electronics, footwear, clothing and other labor-intensive industries operating costs rising, the corporate tax burden increasingly heavy, difficult to support the declared bankruptcy.

   in the midst of economic decadence of the environment, water purification industry is full of vitality. Our water purifier industry sales data in recent years to maintain growth year after year, a few years to grow at around 30% a year ago purifier production, by 2015, China water purifier market at a rate higher than 64% of rapid expansion in 2015 market reached 22.8 billion yuan. 1 October 2016, total sales of 23.1 billion yuan water purification equipment, up 20%, driven by demand, which is expected 2017--2020 Chinas water purifier production will maintain a rapid growth, the future of Chinas water purifier or industry will be a super 400 billion industry!

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   Why is the water industry will be able to revert back to the record highs?

   due to a large number of news reports of water pollution, consumption for those drinking water safety awareness is gradually awakening to improve. From 2011 onwards, the search engine in the "water pollution" keyword search index significantly increased in the same period, searches on the water purifier has also increased dramatically, healthy drinking water for residents of the urgent need to promote the rapid development of the water industry .

   In a major policy background and serious environmental pollution pressures such as energy saving, production and purchase of water purification products is bound to become a trend. There is a second-tier mainstream water purifier market in order to locate the noble household appliances in the past. With innovative water purification technology to reduce production costs, now increasingly popular water purifier prices, water purifier 500-3000 occupy the mainstream market, water purifier has become every family can afford the products.

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