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Purchase whole houswater purification suld bnoted th six key

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   the whole house water purification products currently on the market all kinds of variety, brand confused, water purification product portfolio is diverse, dazzled. Many consumers buy whole house water purification, some concerned about the brand, and some focus on price, theres more care and maintenance costs, so in the end what is the whole house water purification purchase of the core elements of it? I visited and collected a consumption who purchase whole house water purification to focus on six key recommendations.



   a compliance with current environmental situation of water pollution

   water pollution is the most recognized consumer to buy water purifiers facts, but the Some consumers are hot enter a misunderstanding, that as long to solve the drinking water problem will be able to ensure health. In fact, the US water expert Dr. Martin Fox early in the last century proposed: damage due to water pollution caused by humans, only a third from the water, and two-thirds from the water, so drink plenty of water to solve a single problem stand-alone water purifier is unable to fully meet all household water health.

   two meets the main trend of future development

   intelligent, integrated home had boarded the stage of history, and after 80, 90 strong recognition and acceptance, and a good water purification products, must be in line with the mainstream of the future development of. Just think, if the family has been installed hydropower decoration, basic 8--10 years will not be much change, but intelligent, integrated home 3--5 years and the rise of widespread popularity due to the choice of water purification products do not meet the future mainstream, when there are only two outcomes: either sub-quality water purification Wang Xing it, redecorated or huge costs. Therefore, the choice of water purification products must be long-term vision, not just for the sake of being cheap.

   water purification efficiency of the three products is stable

   The vast majority of water purification products are available in the market to take graded filter, high-end whole house water purification products are generally used four modules (water purification front, central water, central water softener, water purification terminal) composed basically purification efficiency from 50% - 95% - 20% --0-- minus 15% of the parabolic curve, and then repeat the cycle this process. Why water purification efficiency stability would be a parabola? Full-house water purification, for example, just because a water purification products, water purification central parts need to adapt to the raw water environment, gradually increase the purification efficiency reaches a maximum, but with the use of time growth, which in turn weakens the ability to purify until a net loss ofAbility to wait for replacement. Due to the degree of purification of water is gradually changing consumer taste alone can not be determined, until consumers feel the water smell, unusual, in fact, the adsorption of the central water purifier impurities so that consumers already unacceptable, which is why there will be negative reasons.

   four product maintenance costs and frequency of maintenance

   Some water purification equipment, the purchase price is very cheap, but the ongoing maintenance costs for consumers staggering, even four or five times to maintain two or three times more expensive than shopping machine costs more expensive. But does not maintain normal cooperation can not continue maintenance costs is a bottomless pit, water purification equipment has become a "chicken" with the gesture too expensive.

   whether the installation of five products covering trouble

   in the price of hundreds of thousands of years, a square meter of usable floor area of 鈥嬧€媡he home at least 8000, as many as 50,000 or even higher, a whole house water purification equipment installed at every turn down an area of 鈥嬧€?-2 square meters, an increase of disguise consumers purchase price. And the installation process, struggling, tearing down walls groundbreaking, pipe cutting Zaoqiang, causing much inconvenience to the consumer. A good set of whole house water purification area should not exceed 1 square meter, easy to install, does not destroy the original decoration and structure, and the best design is the amount before the renovation can live room, design, good associated piping embedded, even if temporarily do not buy the whole house water purification equipment, but also save a lot of trouble for future installation.

   wastewater six products would be given reasonable use

   domestic water is relatively scarce, a good, socially responsible whole house water purifier should be able to meet this demand for consumers to save water resources, not to cause waste of water. If there is no wastewater discharge water purification system, that is not a qualified water purifier (no effluent, dirt go?), But if the waste water purification system capable of rational use of water purification equipment is responsible .

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