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Victor purifier named -Changfeng County consumeconfidence de

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   at 9:30 on August 10, 2018, the county Consumer Protection Committee-sponsored consumer confidence demonstration unit official ceremony held by the Changfeng County Market Authority. The meeting was attended Hefei Trade and Industry Bureau, the City Consumer Protection Committee, County Market Authority, County Consumer Protection Committee, the CMC Shuangfeng, double Dun government leaders in charge of the Shuangfeng Shuangdun market supervision, Consumer Protection Branch each demonstration unit, part of the ginseng-ups, and other news media.

鍝佸啝鍑€姘磋崳鑶衡€滈暱涓板幙鏀惧績娑堣垂绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濈О鍙? /></p><p>   this selection is recommended after each market supervision by the Consumer Protection Branch of the trial, the county Consumer Protection Committee review, comments to the relevant members of the unit, and publicity the Commission, a total of 118 companies participate Chong declaration, Victor clean water in which many enterprises stand out, won the

鍝佸啝鍑€姘磋崳鑶衡€滈暱涓板幙鏀惧績娑堣垂绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濈О鍙? src=

   to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party of nineteen, Victor has been home to a new era of Xi Jinping socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, conscientiously fulfill corporate responsibilities, actively promote the consumption environment continues to improve, strict compliance laws and regulations, "consumer protection law" and "consumer protection Ordinance, Anhui Province," and so on, honest and trustworthy, law-abiding operators, in accordance with the "six commitments", "rest assured that the five" high standards and strict requirements, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to promote the healthy development of the countys economic and social make new contributions.

鍝佸啝鍑€姘磋崳鑶衡€滈暱涓板幙鏀惧績娑堣垂绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濈О鍙? src=鍝佸啝鍑€姘磋崳鑶衡€滈暱涓板幙鏀惧績娑堣垂绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濈О鍙? src=

   The selection of success is not only a responsibility of our honor, thanked the Government, society and consumers to Victor home water purifier platform to give full recognition, Victor future home will continue to accept the supervision of the community, to continue services to consumers, maximize the value of their brands and establish a consumer-oriented services in the commercial value of the ecological chain, in promoting the healthy development of enterprises temper Endeavor on the road

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