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Unscrew the faucet can drink! Nanjing pipg drkwater is com-

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  Unscrew the faucet can drink! Nanjing piping drinking water coming http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:11 on May 19 Source: Jiangsu Province Radio and Television T


   HC purification network not install their own water purification device, unscrew the faucet drink drinking-water! Nanjing people will soon be able to enjoy the convenience of this. Recently, Nanjing Water Group has launched direct drinking water pipeline project is expected to have 10 district will be the first boot device installation and pipe laying work during the year.

   [cell basis pipeline installation of water purification equipment, food-grade home]

   The so-called straight pipe drinking water, simply put, is through the installation of centralized water treatment equipment in a residential pumping station residents, the filtered tap water in front of home again, clean, open direct drinking realize you can drink tap demand.

   Nanjing Water Affairs Minister customer service management Shao Fang told reporters: "At present, mainly in some of the new district and community building to synchronized planning, design, simultaneous construction of the district which will build two pipelines, a a water supply conduit, and a conduit is for example a food grade medical grade stainless steel pipe even, is supplied drinking water, so that the user can choose according to their needs. "

   [water to be investigated priced at approximately 20% of the market price of bottled pure]

   According to reports, direct drinking water system is circulating, "Living Water", compared to bottled drinking water safer. Lyonnaise des Eaux will be responsible for direct drinking water purification equipment and maintenance of the pipeline, while users can phone software, real-time understanding of water quality of drinking water.

   Shao Fang said that drinking water is equivalent to pure water, the price is certainly much lower than those of pure water on the market. The amount of water to be metered by the meter, multiplied by the price per liter of water.



   At present, the ordinary pure water on the market, the price of two to three yuan per liter ranging. Nanjing pipeline is expected to drinking water of about 20% of its price. After a successful pilot in the new district, Nanjing Water Group will do to promote the transformation of drinking water pipes in the old district.


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