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Three water purifiers to join a common problem that you have

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鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘涓夊ぇ閫氱梾 鎮ㄧ姱浜嗘病 With the continuous deterioration of the Earths ecosystem, often have water pollution incidents threatening our healthy life, but fortunately the development of technology makes the water purification products to be shipped born, good protection of the health of people drinking. There is a demand market, the water purification industry heat rising, more and more agents and entrepreneurs are beginning to target this sunrise industry expect from a slice. However, faced with an increasingly competitive industry, water purification, water purification agents to join if rest on its laurels, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market. Here, according to their years of experience in the market summary analysis of three common problem of water purifiers to join, water purifier to provide our franchisees as soon as possible aware of their shortcomings, constantly sum up experience, to ride in the water purification industry.

   a blind operates several water purifier brand

   Some water purifiers franchisees used to be done by brand-name water purifier started, and later found that due to the highly competitive non-brand water purifier will not have a future , so choose a certain strength of the water purifier brands. However, these water purification agent franchisee big brand, but also retain their previous private management of water purifier brand-name, they think it will be higher insurance factor. In fact, this "have it both ways," does not operate a single-minded brand of water purifier franchisees greater risk. Because if operating multiple brands, their energy is dispersed, financial resources, but also give consumers the feeling is not professional, they even doubt whether your product is authentic, so water purifiers to join concentrate on doing a brand, It is the right choice for you.

   Second, the backward mode of operation does not focus on team training

   diligence and pragmatism of the traditional Chinese virtue, in most water purification agents to join embodied particularly evident: size matters inside and outside the shop every day are themselves, not to authorize the clerk, and he is afraid to leave the store, this spirit is a lot to admire. In the initial stage of the business, the boss hands everything is necessary. But the problem also lies in here, if anything is the boss arranged, less competent employees get a promotion, and strong ability of employees feel no space to play, everyone would be no dedication to the boss. A few years later, he earned a little money, but the boss did not build a capable management team.

   this mode of operation, in a little less mature markets can get some early results, but with the expansion of the market, as well as increased competition, this approach is obviously behind the times, itMore often they have to rely on strength of the team to compete. Otherwise, the end result is the franchisee boss tired half to death, but business is getting worse, and will be eliminated by the fierce market.

   Third, over-reliance on promotional sales pull

   terminal sales promotion is to enhance a weapon, which the franchisee can not do without water purifier. But also the promotion stimulant, it can only play the role of a temporary sales move up, promotion too often will produce side effects. In the fierce competition in the water purifier market, the merchant or promotion is "to die", but frequently do promotion is "seeking death." Now, more and more water purifier franchisees had found himself "promotion dependency syndrome": not to engage in promotional sales, a promotion not profit.

   a lot of water purifiers to join the Chamber of Commerce complained that in fact we are "being promotion": the other stores have been doing the promotion, consumers are attracted by others. So we can only be forced to stop to make promotions, and the intensity is greater than the first time, more and more often. The end result is seemingly franchisee sales increases, falling pocket money has changed little, and the price is also sold more lower. Remind you: in fact, the solution to this common problem is to fully exploit its advantages point (such as brand, functional advantages), through a variety of distribution channels (will sell, sales stage) were sellers, while the rural market potential is unlimited, clean water is the franchisee can go to the vast rural areas to expand their sales.

   no hard and fast market, there is no easy access to profitable business. Do water purifier to join, change themselves, to win larger and more interest, to change the thinking, is imperative. Todays society is not alone era, equality, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win. You make money, companies are making money, is the day that everyone talks about win-win situation the highest level of shouting. In fact, water purification agents do not you think so difficult, the key is to know the right way to do things this way will be more effective, the agent will taste the sweetness of sharing water wealth. In this wish the majority of carries water purification agents joined the dream of the investor, the ambitious exhibition, a dream come true!

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