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Water-saving technology to explore household war purifiers

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of water resources is a poor country, two major problems in my countrys "Water": First, water shortages, the second is water pollution. Data shows that my country is a drought-hit countries. Freshwater resources per capita is only a quarter of the world average, ranked 110 in the world, it is one of the poorest countries in the world per capita water resources. Per capita use of water resources is only 900 cubic meters, and distribution is extremely uneven. The late 20th century, more than 600 cities across the country in the presence of inadequate water supply issues more than 400 cities, more serious water shortage in the city amounted to 110, the countrys total urban water shortage of 60 billion cubic meters.


In this grim environment, China is not only water purifier to solve the water pollution problem concerns peoples health under the premise. But also do water purifier water-saving features. Water purifiers are filter the water quality of the design and meet different people, in water purification aspect of our strict control, water conservation I do best.


of purified water purifier at the same time some of the waste water will be discharged, which are not conducive to human waste water toxic mineral elements and excessive water, or some wire and microparticles. It looks like a waste of water, it is not. Saving waste water purification is to reduce the ratio of concentrated water discharge amount reaches saving purposes, pulse discharge mode, by controlling the water discharge valve ultrafiltration working time and to reduce the discharge time of the ratio of concentrated water. In the water purifier work day while waste water discharged from the kettle so only about 1.1 watering, which we can use to drag the waste water or flush toilets.


6000000000 about 0.01 microns per meter length of wire wall a microporous membrane with a pore size allowing only water molecules, minerals and trace elements useful by water, the minimum bacteria the volume of more than 0.02 m in, bacteria, and thus much greater than the volume of the colloid bacteria, rust, suspended solids, sand, organic molecules and so can be trapped down the membrane, in order to achieve a purification process. Throughout the purification process inside no wasted little water, are filtered out of the water on the human body unfavorable elements and impurities in the water. The trade deficit advanced water filter tube, under the action of water pressure, a number of clouds on the film surface of 0.01 micron pores allow only water molecules pass through the beneficial minerals and trace elements, to become purified water. And bacteria, rust, colloid, sediment, suspended solids, organic molecules and other harmful substances were trapped in the ultrafiltrationThe film tube, at the discharge ultrafiltration membrane flushing.


so the water purifier filter will be replaced by a certain time to go it is this principle, so each water filter cartridge has a certain life.


is used herein to a water purifier and filtration stage inside the least amount of water larger commercial one purifier, for example, how to achieve purification of the water purifier at the same time how the water saving. Identical to the other, such as direct drinking water purifier, the RO water, kitchen water, etc. in terms of saving the better.


water purification industry to make safer drinking water and domestic water is incumbent upon us, in terms of saving we will do our best. Pollution of water resources with the poor is the most deadly of the two points, purified water and save water purifier has become urgent and imperative.

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