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When replacing the water purifier filttsee pnomena tell you

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   water purifier is to protect the health and safety of our drinking water last checkpoint, so the maintenance and the regular replacement of the filter of their need extra attention. Water purifier when to replace the filter it? When the following three phenomena is to replace the water filter cartridge when it appears!


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   1, a water purifier flow outlet small

   when the water filter outlet flow rate becomes small, the daily costs may not be satisfied, the condition of the filter has described, blocked, and also the cleaning of the filter, then returned to normal or no flow then, for health reasons, you changed the filter cartridge.

   2, the water purifier deterioration of taste

   When the tap water taste similar taste chlorine in water is still retained, it is clear that the filter should be changed. The ability to consume water purification, water purifier activated carbon inside we all know that its a strong suction force and the role of clean water, but also point to note is that the activated carbon itself is easy to breed bacteria, after adsorption saturation, it is easy to make clean water It is a "water is."

   3, water purifier filter usage time expired

   When you use the water purifier for up to two years, yet the replacement filter element, then it should also explain your filter replaced. Use a water filter is not once and for all intentions for the "core" to ensure the safety of drinking water, health worries.

   In todays increasingly serious water pollution situation, our water purifier filter blocking harmful substances in water, its regular replacement is very important!

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