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What kind of kitchen water purifier is consided to be the be

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   based filtration membrane filter, using the same physical filtration, filtration accuracy 0.01 m, preferably present international Ellis K film. But the market they use a PVC membrane, membrane material determines the quality of life and filtration membranes. Kitchen water filter mainly removes colloidal organic matter and bacteria in the water, the flow rate range is generally 1000 liters / hour -2000 l / hr. Kitchen water purifier can be installed in the kitchen wall, kitchen water meet. The installation of water mains in the case, due to the pressure of living large water filter kitchen water purifier large likely to cause congestion and reduce water flow, causing the membrane filter shortened life expectancy. Only some kitchen water purifier ultrafiltration, filtered out of the water taste bad, is not recommended to drink, and activated charcoal is added fresh water and kitchen water filter can improve the taste of water, to drink.



   choose what elements of water purification confidential value:

   a brand of choice for professional degree

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   water purifier is easy to use, we first see is the brand with professionalism, the professionalism and the water purifier brand awareness is critical, choose a professional brand of water purifier, water purifier quality and after-sale issues is still relatively secure, its technology and quality can be well protected. This is an important criterion for judging water purifier easy to use.

   II. See Quality Technology

   by mass of water purification technology support, good quality water purifier, comprising a housing workmanship, filter with a reasonable, progressive layers, green and safe use of materials, product design, scientific and other hazards do not exist, such a water purifier, when in use and more convenient, secure and healthy family drinking water can be better protected. Better quality of the current configuration five opportunities purification filter system: 5 microns PP cotton dense - --1 micron precision space activated reverse osmosis membrane PP cotton --RO - Space ultra-fine fibers of activated carbon.

   III. Effect check

   purification effect is purificationWhether or not the machine easy to use major role in the core standards, household water purifier is the home water purification, water purification if the effect is not good, water purifier does not have a use value. In fact, as long as the water purifier itself the quality of clearance, then the natural water purification effect will be very good.

   can be determined directly from the taste of the water purification effect of the water purifier, although some water purifier filter no-name "bleach odor" smell, etc., but the heavy metal ions no other impurities can be efficiently filtered off, and the water will have a sense of bitterness. Specialized test equipment may be used, such as TDS detection pen, water electrolysis or the like. The recommended water purifier bottled purified water and purified water, tap water do comparative experiments, the test results closer to pure water, the better the water purification effect.

   IV. Are convenient filter replacement

   is well known, during the use of the water purifier, occasional need to replace the filter. So if convenient filter replacement also considered as a water purifier is not easy to use standard oh and filter replacement also requires a certain expertise, so it is best professionals to operate. This had a big talk about some good brand will do a return visit on a regular basis, and a professional chef on-site to replace the filter. Of course, now there have been many desktop water purifier installed free of the average user just a few seconds, you can complete disassembly for the core, very convenient.

   V. see after-sales service is perfect

   this water industry there, "third quality, seven service" is to say, so good after-sale is also a selection of key indicators where water purifier. For example, whether to support the on-site installation, quality problems if returned to provide maintenance services. Some brand-name water purifiers, just sell products, as product quality or subsequent occurrence in the course of the issue will be ignored. The brand is different, taking into account its own brand reputation, big great attention to after-sales.

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