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The new era of clean water drinking wat bar Caucasus enablg

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   When we solved the problem of food and clothing to live with the line, drinking water has become a problem of national mourning, whether urban, rural, nature, drink clean water has become a "luxury." If people in the past to "green" also as far slogan, it has tasted the bitter fruit of national water pollution, water purification machines put every household regarded in the living room of the center position, but unfortunately this is the reality of it!

   after the rise of the domestic water purification equipment can be traced back 2,000 years ago, as peoples drinking water safety awareness, and gradually improve the relevant laws and regulations. Drinking water from the water 70 and the "new national standard" has been enacted over a period of time, on the one hand cohabitation, wayward bottled water and bottled water market gradually standardized, on the other hand more and more consumers will shift attention to the water purifier product. In the drinking water market is showing signs of age old and new alternate.

   After more than a decade of pioneering market, the domestic water purifier market has finally ushered in the outbreak. With the same time, users of the water purifiers attitude has become more rational, the ability to purify water purifier in addition to the key indicators outside, intelligent user experience has become the next focus of the influence of consumers.

   March 20, "China Electric Industry Environmental Technology Seminar-cum-product brand tour" into Chengdu, the meeting, "Innovation and Technology set" artificial intelligence-in-one cable Gao X6 drinking water it new overall product appearance on "artificial intelligence Gao cable X6 drinking water bar" made a deep analysis.



Ms. Wang Jianlan Caucasus, general manager of speech

   Gao cord AI X6 drinking water it as a technical innovation in the industry, not only has a number of core technical knowledge property rights, but also a sense of completely starting from the user experience, different water temperatures meet ages, different seasons, different groups of people drinking habits.

   The United States imports bars drinking water RO reverse osmosis technology, effectively remove rust, bacteria, chlorine, organic compounds, inorganic salts, heavy metals, scales, antibiotics, hormones and other substances harmful to the human body, purify the pure sweet drinking water, improves the taste of drinking water while ensuring the safety and health; IOT intelligent detection technology, TDS value is displayed in real time, filter more intelligent surveillance technology, DIY autonomy for the core, the whole free installation design, installation is difficult to overcome the water industry the problem, a key constant temperature three seconds fast heat, plug and play, eliminate thousands of boiling water, shadeYang water; the current system, is to drink, now heated, Gao cord artificial intelligence X6 drinking water, and let you water without waiting.



Gao cord AI X6 drinking water bar

   Beijing Caucasus Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in water purification industry of water purification products R & D and manufacturing enterprises, the company is a production and development as one of professional van reverse osmosis water machine, van ultrafiltration water purification machines, commercial reverse osmosis water machine, one drink straight, pipeline water dispenser, central water purifiers and other wading products manufacturing enterprises.




the honored guests of the Caucasus interested in producing products

   in the Caucasus enterprise management and R & D team, including domestic earlier in the water purification product development technical team, a former South Korean home appliance giant E-class business environment, including the chief engineer Shi Zhanpai experts, patented technology and proprietary technology, has served the country, well-known both inside and outside the company managers, each Fang forces carry out their duties, and to join forces, boost take-off Chinese water business, and is determined with the majority of the marketing industry friends together to create a new era of Chinese home appliance environment.

   The current water purifier market just after the outbreak of the Wild Approaching, how to enhance the user experience by means of technological research and development, intelligent, humane, etc. In this opportunity, and gradually consolidate the brand and market position, will affect the net future development of the water market. AI X6 drinking water it appears, Caucasian face water industry change the attitude, the future has come, Walker has first.

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