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Whether t current outbreak or epidemic afte campuslean watwi

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   2020, by the novel coronavirus this year, students of all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and universities in China ushered in the history of the longest winter vacation. After work together people across the country, the domestic epidemic gradually brought under control, but the epidemic still overseas emergency.

   before the epidemic, healthy drinking water without delay.

   After the outbreak, the Department of Ecology Environment issued a "response to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic emergency monitoring program," clearly pointed out the need to strengthen early warning and monitoring water quality of drinking water sources, abnormal conditions found to take timely measures to protect peoples drinking water safety.



   Chinese Academy of Engineering, the famous respiratory disease expert academician Zhong Nanshan said: living in a very serious pollution of the environment or drinking water toxic, then he made another health useless.



   Huashan Hospital, director of infection, Shanghai medical treatment team leader Dr ZHANG Wen-hong had said in his speech:


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   "on the health of human society the greatest contribution, is the first vaccine, the second is to clean drinking water, these two are the main reason for the substantial increase in human life, nothing else . "

   visible, immediately after the outbreak or epidemic matter, clean drinking water is a must.

   and by this epidemic, businesses are impacted in varying degrees, "winter does not have a past, without a spring would not be coming," the epidemic will eventually end, and the future, water purification not just an option, it is a trend, drinking water will become mainstream.

   epidemic lead the industry think, life is so fragile, we came to realize that the epidemic, immunity is the greatest fighting force, the body is the capital of revolution, without health, without mentioning the money honor.

   Early in the outbreak, many people diagnosed with bottled water hydrotechnic, use bottled water if the family has been cross-infection, the number of infections is unknown. Then Beijing Packaged Drinking Water Association recommends that: the shelf temporarily stop all kinds of bottled drinking water, prevent cross-infection the virus from a bucket to start.



   As the epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner, the countrys new crown pneumonia new diseaseExamples growth slowed, the country is about to enter the education system to return to school, so this time who guard their drinking water safe?

   In recent years, frequent water pollution incidents on campus, threatening childrens health, school health drinking water, as an important part of primary health care, it has been the focus of attention.

   It is understood that the students in our school for a long time (more than eight hours or more), while schoolchildren but also in the critical period of physical development, health and drinking water related to the childs future!



   virus prevention, the guardian of a child drinking water quality, is imperative.

   In order to improve the students overall water situation, establish a "health first" concept of drinking water, so that students drink convenient, healthy, safe and hygienic safe water to ensure that the physical health of future generations, the Marques water the introduction of smart campus drinking water project, is committed to public water, love help campus, since during the pre-trial operation has been five years, we proceed from the heart, their feet measured, by installing drinking water facilities in schools, teachers and students tens of thousands of free offers healthy and safe drinking water directly.

   before the epidemic has not completely lifted, we should continue to educate their children, go out less, washing hands, wearing masks, they should drink plenty of water, know good water, good water to drink. Because the face of the epidemic, the family may harbor temporary protection, clean drinking water was able to guard the childrens lives.

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