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Ningbo dispenser product sampling has now failed- Pledge of

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  Ningbo dispenser product sampling has now failed? Pledge of choice to solve security problems time: 2017-05-04 17:51:13

According to Ningbo Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision official website May 2, 2017 news, the first quarter of 2017, the Bureau of Ningbo City, the production of drinking water machine products were random inspection, a sample of Cixi, Beilun area 10 companies 10 batches of the product, the test, failed two batches.


found that from this release "supervision and inspection results summary table", the art electrical plant Cixi City 1 batch dispenser (Specifications Model: MG-LB; production date or batch number: 2016.8), is detecting signs and instructions, input power and current project failed; Cixi of the town of Bora electrical plant 1 batch dispenser (Specifications model: BL-LW; production date or batch number: 2016.1), were detected signs and description, stability and mechanical hazards, and the external power supply cord is connected, grounding the project failed.


Guangdong Bili Drinking Water Equipment Co. in strict accordance with national drinking water standards in the description, the input power and the current project is to achieve 100 percent qualified. Bili drinking fountains now owns 70% of the countrys huge user base, there are more than 500 county-level education departments are using Bili drinking fountains, dozens of provinces and cities nationwide education system, including the Beijing Chaoyang District, Qingdao, Shandong, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, and other areas on campus will be Bailey products as healthy drinking water, energy saving demonstration products. Bili water dispenser PP cotton, high quality coconut shell carbon, KDF, ultrafiltration water filtration technology to tap into high-quality drinking water. The use of advanced temperature control technology, high-temperature sterilization purify water, avoid drinking unboiled water, to ensure the safety of drinking water.


more safety information please call: 4008000725



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