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Water purifier market to maintain steady growth of the fast

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2014 1-- July compared to the downward trend of the traditional large appliances, kitchen products continue to rise out of beautiful curves, other products in addition to the microwave oven and drinking water facilities have achieved rapid growth, such as water purification equipment, dishwasher and electric oven growth even more than 50%. Water appliances market to maintain steady growth, rapid change of product mix.


water appliances market reached 150 billion yuan, an increase of 34.0%. Where water purification equipment market size of 9.6 billion yuan, an increase of 76.7%.


in the first half, water security has become a topic of most concern to the general public. Prior Lanzhou groundwater benzene exceeded, after Shanghai Anting Creek emerged a large number of dead fish. All kinds of news about water pollution problems, so that the public can not help a bit worried for drinking water. Water purifiers top ten brands thought to occur clear spring water pollution incidents contributed to industry growth is a certain inevitability. For families, half of the drinking water safety concerns, let the water purifier to understand the role of the public purchase became inevitable.


In the current water purifier market, a wide range of water purification products in front of the public. So, what water purifier what brand become a hot topic to talk about.


water purifiers top ten brands, according to market research group survey results show clear spring: water purification products for consumers most concerned about is the removal of impurities in the water feature. After all, is to buy a water purifier filter water, so drink stomach water safer and more at ease. I also hope it can be easy to install and use that simple.


while another part of the consumer is concerned about another aspect of water purification products: waste water ratio. Produce large amounts of waste water in the water purification process. One month down, water greatly increased, is not that a waste of money, but a waste of valuable water resources.


more consumers think: "now available in many brands of water purification products are expensive, although a sub-price goods, but as ordinary consumers still want to have higher cost-effective products, both to safely remove impurities in the water, they do not need too expensive prices. "


fastest water purification equipment market is the largest and also the growth of pure water, the PRC estimates data show that in 2014 from January to July water Purifier retail sales 5.3 billion yuan, year on year growth was 135.4%. Rapid market growth has also brought fierce market competitionFight in the first half some of the major companies are increasing for water purification machine production inputs and carry out violent promotion model, clear spring "festival free trial" very short term "Charming Orchids at my house," some of the columns and other brand promotional activities effective. Brand activities help gradually rising share of pure water, and bring to market price fluctuations, in May this year, prices fell significantly.


The PRC estimates data show that in 2014 January-July the water purifier market size of 2.3 billion yuan, an increase of 32.6%; ultrafiltration gradually lost support mainstream brands, activated carbon market was still strong. Water purifier market, the lack of dynamic growth, water purifier manufacturers and dealers should be concerned can effectively remove impurities in the water, can make drinking water safer and healthier. Coupled with adequate price and convenience, no market is no need for such water purifier.

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