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The necessity of using the water purifier- wat purificion eq

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   Why do we need water purifiers? Water quality good areas tap water is safe even if the water is not healthy water. If you say that safe water is water that people need for food and clothing, then the water is a healthy well-off peoples demand for water. Europe, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, through the use of water purification equipment, and the use of water quality, human health is closely related to drinking water, kitchen water, bathing water and toilet flushing, laundry, mopping the floor and other domestic water separated achieve the quality of water supply. Because they deeply understand that the foundation of healthy water is life and health.



   use water purifiers Eight reasons:

   1, Chinas water plant due to the relatively backward equipment and technology, rely on the original coagulation, sedimentation, straining, chlorination conventional treatment process has not meet the requirements.

   2, the water pipe network of secondary pollution: water contamination after the factory, subject to a long pipe network and towers, water tanks and other facilities, very much in contact, the presence of serious pollution problems, such as: rust, scale and corrosion.

   3, most of the tank rise, long-term non-tower hand care, can not be cleaned, the water tank by increasing number of deposits, even grow moss; differential sealing conditions , bacteria, viruses, or even rotting animal carcasses, seriously polluted the water quality.

   4, water pollution: the National Environmental department statistics, 82% of the rivers are polluted to varying degrees; seven major river systems in the country, it is not suitable for drinking water source of the river has been nearly 40%; 78% of urban water in the river is not suitable for drinking water sources; about 50% of urban groundwater contamination.

   5, the water toxic and hazardous substances (such as heavy metals, impurities and bacteria, radioactive substances and fluorescent substances, harmful to the body, especially for youth and womens skin had a tremendous impact .

   6, water hardness increasing severity of moderate to .PHNeutral or slightly alkaline water fishes good for the body, but usually tap water does not meet this requirement.

   7, to improve the quality of life, increased requirements for drinking water residents. It requires further purification of drinking water depth, in order to achieve health and safety, hygiene and for the purpose to improve the taste.

   8, according to the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Hygiene monitoring detected show that my countrys 35 major cities drinking water compliance rate was 23%.

   water purification filter function is floating in water, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and so removed, it has a high filtering techniques usually five filters, Zi the order of the filter, also known as PP cotton, granular activated carbon of the second stage, the third stage is a precision compressed activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane Zi four or ultrafiltration membrane, Zi after five activated carbon, mainly used to improve the taste, so water purifier more suitable for water pollution is more serious. Specific work steps:

   Pre-filter: 5umPPF filter, pore size of 5 microns, which can effectively remove rust, sand, colloidal and all impurities greater than 5 microns in diameter in water ; activated carbon filter particles of carbon have a strong adsorption force, can be effectively adsorbed chlorine, chemical odor, color, and other pesticides; precision carbon filter, can effectively remove bacteria, toxins, heavy metals.

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