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Water purifier sales strategy mid-dealopions to net a trick

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water purifier dealer operations mid-term sales strategy, think as a water purifier auto growth process should be like this:


1 Carrier pre


2 mid operations


3. the post-operation

   4. restart operations

   What is the water purifier dealer operations early? a market that is ready to enter the water purification industry research phase, comprising three steps.

   1. Analysis of the industry. Past water purification industry, and now, a trend do understand; water purification industry for practitioners of all-round survey to see how water purifier manufacturers, water purifier dealers living conditions and so on, more can be found in my previous articles written.

   Study 2. Area. The local water purifier market survey the fundamentals, look at the local water purifier sales channels which, what channels do well, what channels do not, why not? Take a look at the local water purifier brand which how they operate in the market, how to support dealers, their market share how ... more aspects of the survey can also be found in my previous article.

   3. Select the brand. Is interested in entering the water purification industry friends the choice of what kind of water purification technology, the choice of what kind of products to choose what kind of manufacturers, the choice of what kind of brands to choose what kind of factory area manager ... I have about this step It had specifically discussed in this paper.

   Lets see, according to the water purifier dealers "growth process", the mid-operate, what kind of work do?

   On the basis of the pre-market research (please note this is a prerequisite, as work source water purifier should be the same as tap water, not tap water, it is easy to go wrong, is not it?), this time we need to work on five aspects.

   1. Expectant management. For local water purification market, you expect the annual sales volume is how much? How much market share that you want to occupy? How much is your input? How do expect the companys pace of development? Expected profit of each period is the number? You do not expect to have these local model? Is there a national model? ...

   2. resource analysis. What resources do you have? What resources are unique? How important are these resources in the existing water purifier sales channels?What are your personal strengths, what weaknesses? What are your companys strengths, what weaknesses? What brand is your cooperation, and what weaknesses? Can your unique strengths and resources available to meet your expectations channel development ?

   3 channels to choose from. After market research and expectant management, resource analysis, choose a more reliable sales channels, here, I want to emphasize that the best eggs in one basket, just choose a channel (at least within six months), We will integrate all the resources in this sales channel.

   4. Groping forward. Do not scale recruit people, do not most of the original human resources invested in, unless you have had a successful industry experience, otherwise, slowly, small groping three months, the aim is to protect your investment in the late to protect your personal reputation and to protect your colleagues, maybe in this trial period, you will find a lot of problems, so do not step too much pace, easily side-tracked by the egg, small run, a slight adjustment, more concrete.

   5 fixed mode. You confirm your selected sales channels can be operated after the successful experience of the review, summarize, refined out into a new operating system to facilitate, standardize, process, and then gradually increase the companys various investment.

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