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Water purifier market policy analysis, comprehensive intpret

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   water purifier good policy to release

   In early 2016, the State Council issued a report entitled "State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, to accelerate the formation of new guidance to cultivate a new power supply (Guo Fa [2015] 66 No.) "document, this is interpreted as" central supply-side reforms. "the first one introduced, clearly innovation and expand the effective supply, from seven areas force.

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   1, water purifiers included in the list of green consumption

   when "consumption in key areas and direction" of the "green consumption" described in the third section of the file, clear the "water purifier" for emphasis, the specific content as a green consumer: the concept of ecological civilization and green consumption concept is growing in popularity, from an ecological green consumption of organic food to air purifiers, water purifiers, energy-saving appliances, green appliances, green building materials will help to conserve resources, improve the environment of goods and services expanded. This will promote the recycling economy, ecological economy, low-carbon economy is booming, is skilled in ecological agriculture, new energy, energy saving, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection and pollution control, ecological protection and restoration and other research and development, production and service capacity building provide a lot of infrastructure investment and business opportunities.

   2, water purifier is the focus and direction of the consumer to upgrade

   This is the first time the State Department mentioned water purifiers, but also to the way the State Department bulletin file are reflected, illustrated by families terminal deep purification to solve the safety of drinking water for the majority of the people is the goal of clean water had been recognized as a national industry, to enter the national team.

   my country has entered a sustained growth in consumer demand, speed up the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer-driven economy marked improvement of an important stage. Upgrading traditional consumption upgrade, consumption booming emerging as the main content of the new consumer, and the birth of new supply of new investments in the field of development of related industries, technological innovation, infrastructure and public services, and tremendous potential for development and space . Obviously, "the State Council on actively play a leading role in the new consumption, accelerating the development of guidance on the formation of new supply new impetus" The introduction of better play the leading role in new spending, accelerating the development of new economic development to form a new power supply, we have programs and directionality significance.

   Investment Advisor "issued by 2016-- 2020 China water purifier market depth research and investment forecast report" points outThis policy reflects the national importance of safe drinking water, healthy drinking consensus gradually formed. With the popularity of water purifier, a growing number of schools, offices, hospitals, families began to spend water purification equipment, all sectors of society to recognize the importance of healthy drinking water.

鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満鏀跨瓥鍒嗘瀽 鍏ㄦ柟浣嶈В璇诲競鍦哄ぇ鐜 芦Previous 2禄

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