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Unplug the homogenization of cancer to enhance innovation is

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   competition in the market today can be described as a water purifier is more intense, when consumer demand for increasingly high water purifiers, water purifiers same phenomenon has become increasingly prominent. With the expansion of market demand, we continue to have a new corporate war, continue to cut prices, then another swarm water purifier business, product homogeneity, lack of differentiation, and then there are constantly new corporate war, constant prices ...... so a vicious cycle, will inevitably lead to the decline of industry, therefore, water purifier enterprises to enhance their competitiveness is the key.

   rising production costs shrinking profit margins

   numerous water purifier brands have rise, the cost of the water purifier prices gradually rise. Cost prices rise at the same time, as well as rising operating costs, which results in product margins being squeezed, the market economy gifted tall at higher prices, but loitering reasonable profit space.

   marketing services standardization maturing

   In order to enhance the brand and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Ming, various brands have to play all kinds of water purifier, the endless stream of marketing and planning means, that is, to be head attract more consumers, for example, store decoration more people culture, marketing products shopping guide more professional, more in-depth environmental philosophy, marketing activities and more modern information technology, the use of modern technology and top hand, high demand, high-taste , high consumption customers to provide personalized. Hugh whole full-service, continue to learn excels peculiar aspects of foreign brands marketing service skills, product planning, improve their marketing service concept. Whether it is corporate or product brand building and market innovation or in the export trade, honest man. Serious work, the customer is responsible, we will be able to create a more broad domestic and international markets.

   brand competition terminal specialized

   According to a person in charge of the market revealed that, in recent years, changed the traditional water purifier, a single, practical image, and thus to the decoration and environment-friendly development after nearly a decade of development, the water purification industry matures, the well-known regional brands have emerged, but the competition for the terminal, the channel also began intense, many big brand marketing positioning effective, to marketing, to the world, some positioning sales network construction within a certain area, each trying to find their own water purifier brand marketing specialization positioning terminal, will benefit the development of its own brand.

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