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Whether you are looking for a watepurifimanufacturs have you

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   popular routines often said, in the face of chaos ridden water purifier market, those businesses actually fared poorly themselves, and earn a bowl full, it is no wonder many people questioned the water purifier is a scam!



   scam are actually a routine, especially water purification industry scam, unscrupulous businessmen who take advantage of us is nothing more than cheap psychology, induced deceived us, there is on products do not understand.

   Why remind you guard against being taken every day, but people still have to fall into which small series analysis should be several reasons:

   [123 ] a, cheap.

   This is many peoples psychological, cheap things to see, will not help impulse purchase, if the sales staff at induction, so its easy to impulse spending, water purifier the scam will exist, such as free installation of water purifiers, sweepstakes send water purifiers, water purifiers and so cheap to send promotional, publicity banner various ways to induce consumers to "take a look at our water purifier how affordable, cheap, "there will always be to all people fooled.

   Second, the water purifier understand.

   is now in the eyes of many water purifier or a new product, all do not know much of the water purifier, a concept so random, will be led by the nose, are divided unclear true and false, especially in many of todays young consumer groups, and even the elderly, keen to health, they see health products, will buy water purifier is marked "beauty, purify bacterial cure all diseases" and other labels , it will induce these people do not understand the water purifier to buy.

   In addition, that some unscrupulous businessmen to lure consumers fooled by some of the pitfalls common pitfalls usually following several:!

   trap one: exaggerate water purifier function

   this false propaganda in the city water purificationThe court often, mainly to seize the consumers "styled" psychological, there is a common gimmick, can be effective in the treatment of cancer, coronary heart disease, for which China Ministry of Health published the plaintext: wading not promote products which has medical, health effects.

   Trap II: the sale of counterfeits

   some bad manufacturers of small workshops, borrow some good brand reputation, counterfeiting, profiteering.

   Trap three: Product filter better

   water purifier filter is not possible, some low-end water purification products, and always four or five filters, but are simple filter material, filter effects may not be as strong a high-performance filter.

   Trap four: to deceive consumers with cheap or shoddy products

   regular water purifier manufacturers in the sale of products, will provide free pre-sale, sale, service, and installation is generally provided free of charge, furthermore the regular manufacturers will be detailed customer registration after installing a home water purifier, usually used to install the first three months free carry out maintenance door, will conduct follow-up telephone interviews, the final product is a regular filter are provided one year warranty, the whole three-year warranty.

   In short, buy a water purifier fooled though every year, and ever-changing scam, are so few routines, if all we really need to install a water filter, or the need to regular factory purchase, regular brand of water purifiers, has its own perfect after-sale, high-quality brand, buy value for money! add fresh water purifier brand is the professional brand, popular for many years, strong R & D strength, product type diverse, loved by the public

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