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Notice the differencbetween throlof [shopping guide] ultrafi

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  [Notes] shopping guide and distinguish the role of ultrafiltration water purifiers and tap water purifier Published: at 15:31 on August 29 2017 Hits: 47

As the hot water purifier market in China in recent years, as we all know the two most common products in water purification products: UF water purifier and water purifier faucet, but many consumers do not know the difference between them, then the leading water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier and has What is the difference, their role, what is it?


UF Water purifier principle:




UF water purifier using a multi-stage filter is a water quality water purification equipment purification process, multiple process using filtration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, and other physical methods without the addition of chemical substances. Filtered water can float, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and so removed, the mineral water, it has a high filtration techniques, is a household ultrafiltration unit typically four or five, ultrafiltration water purifier purifying it the water is mainly used for drinking!




faucet water Principle:




faucet water generally use a filter using a porous inorganic microfiltration cartridge patented technology, pure natural diatomite as raw materials, high temperature sintering, nano-binding model patents metal clusters (nano-KDF) NMC parasites filter can filter the water, sand and other suspended pollutants effectively remove bacteria, algae, to provide a safe, healthy drinking water solubility of chlorine and harmful heavy metal ions (lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.) as vegetables, wash rice, cooking, soup, tea and the like, may also be a face, brushing provide clean the wash water.




UF water purifier and the faucet water purifier distinction:




different from the filter material


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   UF water purifiers are generally activated carbon, melt-blown filter, compressed activated carbon, porous ceramic, hollow fibers, and other media KDF combination, a multi-stage purification filter layer, high precision filter . Leading water purifier generally only pure activated carbon, quartz sand or a two-stage filtration, filtration accuracy is not high, the purification effect is not good.




   2 IncreasesWith a range of different




   Usually used as the ultrafiltration purification of drinking water and domestic water purifier to be used, the whole house of formula health Filtering water purification. Tap water purifier can be installed in the tap water, the primary functions of filtration and purification, can purify the water to a certain extent, but not to the standards for drinking water.




   3. Effect of Different Filter




   UF water purifier filtration accuracy 0.01 m, a filter can be completely bacteria, viruses, organic matter, iron, sediment and other harmful impurities, water quality areas with good water quality after ultrafiltration water purifier purifier is safe to drink. And faucet water purifier is a single stage filter apparatus, the filtration accuracy is not high, only coarse filter, usually mounted directly on the tap water, tap water in some large impurities in the filter block, a long time will be too many impurities cause secondary pollution.




   4. Filtered different hierarchy




   UF water purification is the most popular five filtering criteria are PP cotton, particles activated carbon, activated Carbon, ultrafiltration, rear mineralization filter can purify, mineralization, activation, weak base, mineralization and other treatment. And faucet water purifiers generally only one or two simple filters, low filtration accuracy.




   5. The control in different ways




   UF water purifier with a control valve head, a simple operation can realize the filter media periodically to wash, purifying effect filter ensures continuous use. Leading water purifier can not be used for a long, long time, we must replace the filter, dirt or impurities in the water will accumulate if the filter clogging, resulting in slow water flow and reduce the life of the filter, but will also water get dirtier.




   in the understanding of the principles of distinction and ultrafiltration water purifier and water purifier faucet, I believe we in the selection of future water purifier, you can more clearly determine their needs are which water purifier. A

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