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Water purifiers how quick coupl plug- - waturifi, quick join

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   HC clean water network for many of my friends have just used the water purifier, the sometimes installed the PE pipes need to move or grow, this time will be used in quick coupler. But for quick coupler, does not know how to use the initial contact, how to plug it will not leak if to pull out, there is a skill, some people are just beginning to use brute force, the result of damage to the joints. Heres a step by step introduction, quick-connect fittings water purifier is how accessible.

   a quick coupler, there are two, one is blue with cards, and one without the blue card, operation is substantially the same. Time to pull out the tube, fittings for blue card, first remove the blue card. FIG follows

   While holding connector 2, with a spring on top of the fingernail Press down joint, the other hand holding the PE pipe out a little harder, which can be pulled out, not free to blue card connector, you can start directly from this step.

   Step 3 PE pipe is inserted contrary to the above, a hand joint, the other holding tube, there no longer hold the elastic piece, a little harder direct plug, after the resistance felt a little tube, plug good.

   4 blue card on the blue card, no blue card is completed.

   Note: Be careful not to force too fast and accidentally hurt to nail


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