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Self-purification is done by physical purifti

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into the waste water, mainly depends on the water turbulence eddy diffusion is formed, so that mixing is diluted. This ability to surface water and dilution water flow rate, the flow rate, bed configuration and other factors. In addition the ratio of the amount of water flow and discharge of waste water (i.e., dilution ratio), and the position of the waste water outlet structure will also affect the process of dilution. After the suspended solids in waste water into the water, gradually sinking under gravity, its specific gravity sedimentation of suspended solids, particle size, flow velocity, etc. For some suspended fine contaminants can be dissolved or colloidal substances in the water, suspended particles settle adsorbed plankton. Some contaminants may be bonded to each co-precipitation occurs. Settling the water purification obtained, but contaminants settling on the bottom, and in some cases may be washed from the water, re-enter the water cause secondary pollution. Some of the volatile pollutants in water, such as phenol, metallic mercury, hydrogen sulfide, under the action of the sun and the like and agitating the water, volatiles may be dissipated into the atmosphere. Atmospheric contaminants into the return water with precipitation. Kitchen water purifier, central water purifier, salt-free water softener water purification equipment internet shopping guide - Household water purification equipment network

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