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Smith water purifier market A.O. big advantage, intense Pati

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   Orville cloud network (AVC) data show that in April 2020, retail volume market under a water purifier line of 3.76 million units, retail sales of 1.59 billion yuan, down by 36.37% and 32.78%, respectively. However, with some similar appliance category, market chain fell under water purifier line slowed down.

   However, Top10 brand brand grew in half. In terms of sales volume, AO Smith greater advantage, market share 34.84%, an increase of 11.65%; Patio market share of 12.87 percent, an increase of 0.73%, ranking second; third in the United States accounted for 12.36 percent year on year fell 6.43 percent; fourth Minganjier market share of 12.03 percent, down 2.81 percent year on year.

   aspects of sales, AO Smith also has the advantage, market share was 26.02%, and has a 8.26 percent increase year on year, ranked first; Patio market share of 14.8%, an increase of 0.7% , second place; third of the United States, the market share of 14.66 percent, down 5.72 percent year on year; Angel accounted for 12.5%, down 2.53% year on year.

   line under water purifier market, AO Smith strong performance, both in terms of the amount, have received higher up, where the sales volume growth of 11.65 percent year on year terms, the user looks for AO Smith product, high brand recognition. Patio second to fourth place, the United States, Angel, the market share accounted for closer to three brand competition is more intense, especially in terms of sales volume, the three brands were about 12%. In terms of ASP, the United States is falling year on year in the Top10 brand unique brand appears, the average price increase or other brands unchanged.

   overall market price trends, 2000-2999 yuan price range, price range 6000-7999 yuan higher up, the price range 3000-3999 yuan has dropped significantly year on year . Market is showing a trend poles, on the one hand, low-priced products are part of the consumer concerned, this may be the first attempt of its product-related; on the other hand, high-priced products and higher growth, some users may want to get a better experience or more Multifunction.

   LowPriced products appear higher up, the proportion of sales is growing, conditions, or will continue, with or nail technology think three factors:

   First, the slowdown in demand.

   data show that since 2019, China water purifier market size of 572 billion yuan, an increase of 10%, the slowdown has become since 2013 the lowest growth rate of the industry, market demand slowed down. Want to attract users to buy, launched the "cost-effective" product is a viable option.

   Second, the competition increasingly fierce.

   Matthew exacerbate market, AO Smith and other brands, accounted for more advantages, and may expand further, it is possible to accelerate the industry reshuffle, Top10 in two to four closer on the share, but also the follow-up rankings Similarly, the inter-brand competition tends intense. Other home appliances category from the point of view, the price is competitive means are often used.

   Third, product homogeneity.

   At present, the market of water purification technology products, mainly in the RO reverse osmosis technology-based, new water purification technology was not popularized, upgrade various products mainly in the functional details, water flux, etc. the next obvious disruptive innovation, product homogeneity is serious, it is difficult to create a differential advantage background, price measures will be adopted more brands.

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