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There bleach water have any effect on pregnant women

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   There bleach water have any effect on pregnant women ah? Nothing can be said to have much impact on pregnant women, bleach in tap water after boiling will settle down, followed by small series to the next.




In general, when the water filter will add a certain amount of bleaching powder, hypochlorous acid is mainly sterilized. This water will be almost complete evaporation of residual chlorine after the boil, not harmful. And you say white is the main ingredient precipitated calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate and other ingredients, how much of these substances in the water depending on local water sources and geological features, the general water water south than the north contain these minerals and more, This is what we commonly known as the water is relatively hard. Generally harmless, ordinary calcium carbonate is the main component, but if ingested more than the human body on the bad. So how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier only better order some. The same problem is there is bleaching powder tap water have any effect on pregnant women ah? Opportunity


1 chlorine in tap water can not boil water and interactions residual organic matter, resulting in bladder cancer, colorectal cancer is:


Next, talk about the harmful effects of tap water. increase. Boil 3 minutes of boiling water, and chlorine can make the water evaporate some of the harmful substances, while preserving the nutrients essential for water.


2. The raw water inside the bacteria, drinking unboiled water predisposed to the disease


day without water, chlorine in tap water and other harmful substances are absorbed and precipitated human skin, a long time will cause all kinds of damage to the skin, plus the chemical composition of various types of chemical reactions occur with cosmetic skin chlorine settle down again, so that is not a good play to make cosmetic effect may also hurt us again skin.


water of chlorine bleach makes the skin, the skin layer off, psoriasis and even allergy symptoms. Research shows that the water will produce chlorine and organic matter in water trihalomethanes carcinogenic substance that increases with increasing chloride, and washed with boiling method can not be removed; chlorine water easily skin, nose, mouth, hair, eyes, lungs and other organs rapidly absorbed, skin and hair young children are more sensitive to this! According to a study of the American Chemical Society pointed out that the shower toxic substances absorption by the skin and hairThe chlorine 6-100 times higher than usual, much higher than the bodys intake of drinking water.


The above is the water in small series to introduce something of bleaching powder, hoping to help you, more families drinking little knowledge of this site, so stay tuned.




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