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Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifi which is go

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  Core Tip: [hyperlink] net water purifier in the water purification industry in a variety of water treatment technology, but in the water purifier market is currently the best selling water purifier there are two, one reverse osmosis machine, First, ultrafiltration

   [hyperlink] water purifier net in the water industry, water treatment technology varied, but the best water purifier sales have on the two main current water purifier market First, reverse osmosis machine, one ultrafiltration machine. For the difference between these two water purification machines, many consumers are not particularly clear, often at the time of purchase in the end do not know which one to choose good.


   is mainly used in ultrafiltration unit ultrafiltration membrane water filtration cartridge as the core, the density is not filtered reverse osmosis machine Good reverse osmosis membranes, so generally applies to some of the better water quality and other southern regions.

   and a reverse osmosis membrane, an ultrafiltration membrane which is similar to the purification process, but more sophisticated filtering accuracy can be achieved 0.0001 mm, plus the pre-PP, activated carbon, whether it is good or bad quality can achieve the effect of direct consumption, it is also known as reverse osmosis drinking straight.

   drink straight working principle of reverse osmosis is applied more than the natural osmotic pressure of the raw water side, reverse osmosis water molecules by the high concentration of low concentration of one to one. Since the aperture permeable membrane drink straight reverse osmosis much less than water contaminants viruses, bacteria, etc., so a variety of bacteria, heavy metals, soluble solids, contaminants such as water and organic contamination are not through a reverse osmosis membrane, so as to achieve water purification purposes.

   Therefore, reverse osmosis membranes, not only filter out impurities in the water, chlorine, alkali water, and bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, heavy metals more completely filter out ordinary water purifier can not be filtered out, completely remove water security issues, so that people get more safe and healthy drinking water.

   UF advantages:

   completely remove bacteria and algae, including some viruses, low metal ion content in the place is safe to drink (but net media is not recommended to drink, the water quality of China indeed reverse osmosis ... compared to water purifiers, reverse osmosis purifiers less material consumption, does not require frequent and costly filter replacement without discharging waste water, without the use of electricity, unlike some reverse osmosis and the outer tank, save money water

   UF disadvantages:

   calcium and magnesium ions can not be filtered out,There should be a scale or scale. Calcium and magnesium ion is an essential nutrient per day. Flake is a compound of calcium and magnesium. Drinking water can add a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions. However, if long-term use of calcium and magnesium ions in the water is too high (jargon called hard water) can cause a number of diseases, according to scientists, in areas of high water hardness, low incidence of cardiovascular disease, but kidney the incidence of calculus increases water hardness increases. In southern China, more common than hard water soft water. Therefore, if the scale in your area is very serious, it is recommended to buy water softener or reverse osmosis.

   The advantage of reverse osmosis: filter cleaner than ultrafiltration.

   osmosis disadvantages:

   consumables and consumable or consumable, the filter element 5, a year to replace general, may be hundreds of thousands. (In other words, I spend much money to buy a water purifier) 鈥嬧€?/p>

   Ultrafiltration can be used for good water quality, scale-free area. If serious scale, even in areas of poor water quality, such as heavy metals, it is recommended to use reverse osmosis.

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