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, The source of water purifiers- Hazard scalscalis how thfor

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   Water is the source of life, one can not but three days without eating for three days without water, you can see how important water is for human life yes.

   we can not do without water a day, everyday when the kettle with a long time later, the inner wall of the Federation forged thick layer of scale, especially prolonged use of a cup to drink water or boil water, then over time it will form scale.


   Some say the Internet recently, long-term drinking water containing more scale, will increase the risk of stones? News caused a lot of peoples attention.

   scale in the end what is? Really it will harm the body? Today small will take you to find out.

   01 What is the scale?

   life, we often find a kettle with a long time, there will be a thick layer of the inner wall of hard material, which is "scale" also called "water base. "

   of water in a heated state, the dissolved calcium ions and magnesium ions with certain ion form water-insoluble compounds and mixtures thereof, to form a "calcium carbonate" and "magnesium" in two insoluble precipitate in water, precipitate adhering to the philosophy of the vessel, a long time will form a thick layer of scale.


   water quality in northern my country compared to the South more "hard" number, which is mainly because of the higher content of calcium and magnesium ions to produce water hardness scale related.

   tells us that the formation of scale, the naked eye can see something very limited, we usually see the crystal clear water does have impurities.

   For example: we have a few drops of water on the glass, and the like after the water is evaporated naturally, can see there was a clear mark on the glass.

   Another example of life, rain or water accidentally spilled on the glasses, then dry, there will muddy imprint these show there are a lot of impurities in our water.

   02 scale harm to human health

   scale have a more serious hazards to human health, in particular the main problems:

   (1) According to chemical analysis, 1 g 12 g scale containing lead, arsenic, 21 micrograms, 44 micrograms of mercury, cadmium 3.4 micrograms, 24 micrograms of iron. There is a lot of heavy metal scale, the medical practice has proved that long-term intake of the human body can cause heavy metal poisoning, and manyHeavy metals can cause cancer in human organs.

   (2) water-insoluble scale is only relative, after heating the water will dissolve some of the precipitate, which will form a precipitate heavy metal ions into the water again, the content of heavy metal ions in the water exceeds health standards requirements, harmful to human health, such as calcium carbonate, magnesium in the body is easy to form a large number of stones deposited.

   Next, when the scale cementation, often adhere ions of heavy metals, if the containers for drinking water, there will be the risk of heavy metal ions dissolved in the water.

   (3) scale affect human health, likely to cause gastrointestinal digestion and absorption disorders and constipation, the incidence of gastritis and various stones increase. Tartar, periodontitis often caused by scale.


   face of this scale invisible in water, we need only look for a water purification device:

   Because the scale is generally cemented to the surface of the container or pipe, first scale poor thermal conductivity, it can lead to deterioration heat transfer to waste fuel or electricity.

   when domestic water, if the kettle has been closed, it will affect the full-scale water heating power about 30%, that would be more cost electricity, including electric water heaters as well.

   Second scale if cemented to the water heater or boiler wall, but also due to the thermal expansion and contraction and uneven force, greatly increasing the risk of water heaters and boilers burst or explosion.

   therefore hard scale hazard is obvious, so small series that families should use a water filter to solve the problem of scale, not only does not appear on such a scale is difficult to remove the container, porcelain and glass will not be ugly water stains, key drinking water into the stomach does not pose a health risk!

   local water quality may be we can not change, but we can use a water filter, change our drinking water quality to ensure that our drinking water safety and health.

   So, what are you waiting haste to buy a suitable water purifier it

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