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Qinhuangdao City, launched the Hundred Days Campaign Water P

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   August 30, Qinhuangdao City, launched the Hundred Days Campaign water pollution control, water quality of the environment in order to speed up the citys comprehensive upgrade process, and strive to the end of this year, the citys main river water quality ratio reached 60%.


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Qinhuangdao City, launched the Water Pollution Control Hundred Days Campaign (Photo from Internet)

   In recent years, Qinhuangdao continued, carry out "re wading polluting enterprises exit "," series of special actions of industrial pollutant discharge standards "and so on, the citys water environment continues to improve. However, environmental law issues centralized drinking water source protection areas have not been radical, nothing to do with water conservation projects, facilities have not completely banned. Dragon River territory, Jia River, Yinma, artificial river water quality did not meet environmental functional area requirements, New River, Tanghe small, tidal river, moat, size mafang river black-odor phenomenon have occurred.

   for the full implementation of the "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action," "Water Pollution Prevention Program of work in Hebei Province" and "Qinhuangdao city water pollution control work plan", Qinhuangdao arrangements for the 2016 annual water pollution control tasks, continue promote the sewage discharge standards of industrial enterprises, focus on improving the heavily polluted river water quality, speed up the management of urban black and odorous water, to protect sources of drinking water quality and safety, completely eradicate small paper, leather and other "top ten" pollution projects, greatly enhance the overall livestock and poultry regulation, strictly regulate urban sewage treatment plant operators, and comprehensively promote the construction of centralized sewage treatment facilities, strike punish environmental violations.

   towards the end of 2016, eliminating water Yinma sectional inferior 鈪?class; moat and a large black-odor eliminating mafang river water; groundwater quality check point and the water quality remained stable; centralized sources of drinking water to achieve class III or better ratio is 100%. The city will also strengthen environmental law enforcement emissions of industrial enterprises, strengthen environmental monitoring and regulatory management companies to stop production at this stage, to establish long-term mechanism to ensure Qinhuangdao net sky blue water, the green green mountains. (Source: HC purification network)

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