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Physical cold drink cold boilewater, please

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   physique cold drink cool boiled water, okay? The answer is no problem. Look at the introduction of small series now.




cold body weight of the person can drink cool white open? Or must drink water? The question many people are asking. Xiao Bian also had little knowledge of water safety query for help. Unfortunately, I did not find you had no choice but to introduce healthy drinking water knowledge.


Water is very important for the blood running, regular, timely drinking will not affect the blood running. As for the "fasting drink cold water, would, fire suppression Yang, physical damage," the argument is justified. This is because in the morning is the yang ascending the beginning, when water fasting can stimulate peristalsis, prevent constipation, but if you drink cold water, of yang organs will produce a negative stimulus, a long time adverse health. Recommendations early drink warm water, i.e., boiling water was naturally cooled to 30 鈩?~ 35 鈩? generally not hot drinking mouth, stomach irritation can not feel. Compared with the cool white open, warm water close to body temperature, easily absorbed by the body. Need to be reminded, the morning fasting should not drink more water, a cup enough to achieve health benefits, otherwise it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, impede digestion of food.


family safe drinking water Tips: How to be healthy drinking water


(1) hour before a meal drinking: early, about an hour before lunch and dinner, drink a certain amount of water, because the meal drink plenty of water before increasing appetite, aid digestion, promote absorption effect.


(2) fasting warm water is appropriate: a hot or cold drink can irritate the gastric mucosa, milk, soy milk and other nutrients adverse empty stomach completely absorbed, and therefore should be after a meal or at mealtime.


(3) gastrointestinal Shu meal soup: soup to drink a certain amount of meals, help dissolve food and preliminary digestion in the stomach and in the small intestine beneficial to digestion and absorption, if the meal when not replenish the amount of water before meals or after meals because a large number of secretion of gastric juice and consume too much fluid, causing thirst, this time to drink plenty of water will give heart, kidney and other organ pipe burden.


Through the above description, you are sure of the safety of drinking water knowledge understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the safe use of household water purifiers, all hazardous substances are removed, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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