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Water purifier sales model that you undstand how much of it

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just in the central water purifier industry friends often have a question about this, is this: what water purifier sales model is in fact the answer to this question, there are a lot of people to answer too, but most of the answer? They are varying. ! Now let Xiaobian for everyone under the simple analysis of it


In fact, we can calmly, from negative to ask yourself: If you have a very good water purifier sales model (water purifiers marketing model ), whether the industry has done a lot of it? the industry is already produced some giant companies of it? is there a lot of people around us already know that water purifiers and water purifiers use of it?

   [123 ] personally think that if there is a well water purifier sales model (water purifier marketing model) on the market, has long been the industry fail to get us to do this, or this industry, the threshold is also not so low now, think about it, invested 500 million yuan, 500,000 earned in return, it is slammed heart of this slogan, the authenticity of how high?

   in this industry there are a lot of people do really good, but for us, we can only learn from, not copy, success often can not be copied!

   Nevertheless, we can still explore their own "small world" in the sales model, water purifier sales model ( water purifier marketing model) needs to do what.

   First, scan their own resources

   1 capital; look at their properties and how many, on the water purification project how much of total investment.

   2, history; look at their company is opened, or just starting out; there is a mature team, or single-handedly.

   3. The ability; analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

   4, the network of people; look at their distribution areas in which relatives and friends, what "privilege."

   Second, scanning competitors

   1, the number of brands; investigation to see if the current number of local brands of water purification products, look at their advantages and disadvantages.

   2, which channels; look at these brand products are sold through what sales channels.

   3. How do; look at these brand products, in the case of operations on a variety of channels, whether it is making money or losing money.

   Third,Select Product

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