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Wang Quan alysis of ideas d strategiewater purifier sales

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1, to raise awareness of existing drinking water issues and what those issues is how to generate.


(1) existing drinking water mainly in the following aspects:


A, pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning products residue;


B, bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms harmful to human health;

   C, heavy metals.

   (2) The reason for the above problems:

   A, agricultural pollution - widespread use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicide contamination of the water

   B, domestic pollution universal use of detergent, soap, shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning products of the

   C, industrial pollution of water pollution - - industrial processes generate waste water, waste, air pollution of water sources

   D, the source of water itself presence of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other hazardous substances

   secondary pollution E, water supply system - water pipe aging, secondary pollution water tank

   [ 123] (3) Solutions:

   with the machine so that the target customer experience to experience, to have the basic knowledge to do water electrolysis experiments tested the water quality, so that they saw the true face of the water.

   2, to raise awareness of unclean water hazards to human health.

   (1) let customers see for yourself target: prepare some information pollution and disease, text, video, pictures and other forms on, let them see those diseases caused by water pollution caused by the disaster.

   (2) let yourself think about target customers:! Rivers, lakes and sea pollution exacerbate their side, the fish, who, if nothing is done, the next victim is certainly our own

   ( 3) Solution: let the target customer to decide.

   Why now living standards improve, peoples health has declined? Why Todays hospitals are more than ever, people line up to see a doctor more than ever before, incurable diseases than ever are more? There is no doubt solve the problem of safe drinking water is imminent!

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