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Xian found that such water tap and dozens of reworm you dare

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  Xian found that such water tap and dozens of red worm you dare to drink it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 1361 Published: 2015-4-30 11:34:01 pick up a bucket of water, which actually has dozens of red worm, which makes Ms. Cheng, who lives north of the city feel sick very day He did not eat. 瑗垮畨鑷潵姘村彂鐜板崄鍑犳潯绾㈣壊绾胯櫕 third time this year the bugs encountered in this case up to 瑗垮畨鑷潵姘村彂鐜板崄鍑犳潯绾㈣壊绾胯櫕 Ms. Cheng, who lives in Xian Unisign Road Post Office family member courtyard, which is a 20 years old district, around the village have been demolished, the property is not in the office district perennial did not see the staff. "As long as water downstairs, my family no water." Ms. Cheng said that in order to water in the house, she would always open the tap, put a bucket below, you can save a little water when this downstairs without water. April 24, home to the guests, Ms. Cheng ready to boil water to scoop water from the bucket can scoop out of the water so she was shocked. "There are actually red nematodes, particularly nausea." Ms. Cheng will all pour a bucket of water out, and discovered that as much as a dozen nematodes. April 26, reporters came to the house, Ms. Cheng, Ms. Cheng in a pot of water stored can see dozens of red wire worms, each fifty-six cm long, the same water as well as worms and red color impurity sink at the bottom. "This is the third time found a problem." Ms. Cheng said, the first time in March this year, was discovered twelve, while before they found twelve, that insects from the floor drain to climb, she also specifically to clean up the floor drain. After seeing bugs, Ms. Cheng did not cook one day without eating, "Xiangqilaijiu feel sick." Owners said the recent relatively turbid water reservoir doubt district unwashed "I found that I was not home water bugs, but relatively recent water turbid." Ms Lau said the residential property owners, recently received water turbidity can always see her on the cell the water quality is also a little worried. "Now take a closer look at the water water should have no bugs." Ms. Sun said the owners. There are cell owners said, the insects have been found in the receiving water. The owners say, is the unit family member courtyard area, the property is not perennial district, water district belong to the secondary water supply, but have never seen the property staff to clean the reservoir, the water appears they suspect may be related bugs. Water company said the red worms and sanitation related reporters appear to reflect the matter unsolicited XianWater company, water company city pipe network by the staff immediately went to the district investigation. "Poor sanitation, there will be red worm." Staff said they found Ms. Cheng has been the home of the faucet is open, long dark and damp can easily be contaminated nearby water pipe, which may account for the emergence of red worms, Ms. Cheng is recommended every first rinse the pipeline before time then water, let the water run for a while followed. Staff said, in addition to a small environment, does not rule out the emergence of cell reservoir unwashed health problems. Staff area surrounding water were tested, the results of water quality is normal, the network problems can be excluded. It is understood that, in accordance with the provisions of secondary water reservoir area every year to clean the cell and record twice, the second water supply water company office will contact the residential property, check the district flush cistern case, further investigation appear red the reason nematodes. See this water, you dare to use it? Tim net water purification equipment reminder, residents daily use of water must pay attention to water quality health, of course, the safest way is to install water purifiers, water purification thoroughly so as to ensure household water health problems! More about content aspects of the water purifier, there do not understand something can be online consultation!

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