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Polluted water purifier great harm to youhealth escort_1

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   Water is the source of our human life, everyone needs water, but now a lot of water pollution, water and so are our bodies in the end what does it matter? The following Xiaobian a look.

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   1, the relationship between water and gastrointestinal

   intestinal toxins, is life in some bad habits, such as eating supper, stay up late, eating disorders, these toxins can not be discharged in vivo , resulting in the accumulation in the intestine, which can lead to constipation and other intestinal diseases. The water can help the stomach promptly remove these harmful toxins.

   2 relations, water and kidney

   kidney glomeruli is composed by a number of human intake of approximately five kilograms of water per day. Kidney into the body of water pollution, excessive contaminants in water to produce carbonate increased the excretion of kidney burden, at the same time increased the incidence of stones.

   Relationship 3, water and liver

   One of the functions of the liver

   is a blood filter processing, pollution of water will lead to reduced quality of the blood, to a form of hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver disease. Contaminated water molecules through the blood circulation to the heart, blood vessels have delivered to ten million. Thus, the water quality of water pollution is a major cause of liver disease formation.

   4, the relationship between water and cancer

   The most important feature of cancer cells in the anaerobic decomposition process of absorbing large amounts of oxygen, resulting in excessive water, organic matter, the environment of human cancer cells to survive hypoxic Therefore, water pollution and reproductive disease is caused by the high incidence of cancer one of the important reasons.


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   shows that harm, harm to water pollution not only in some areas of the body, but the whole of the health risks are very obvious. So, for you and your family healthy and safe drinking water, install a water purifier as soon as possible, give someone you love a glass of water, health, escort for their health.

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