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There are thousands of boiling water nephritis patientcan dr

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   We all know that thousands of boiling water is said so repeatedly boiled water, under normal circumstances can not drink, so there are thousands of boiling water nephritis patients can drink it? Let Xiaobian to tell you about it.




rumors on the network, or boiled water room boiler burning out of the water due to repeated boiling, will lead to an increase in nitrite and other harmful substances, to drink thousands of boiling water on the body is? For this expert is also divided into two gangs, some say you can drink, drink some say will get sick, so there are thousands of boiling water nephritis patients can drink it?


thousands of boiling water on the stove is boiling water overnight or for a long time, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water. This water boiled for a long time due to, water, non-volatile substances, heavy metals such as high calcium and magnesium content and nitrite. For a long time to drink this water, would interfere with peoples gastrointestinal function, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite will result in hypoxia, severe convulsions, coma, and even death, so that thousands of boiling water for nephritis patients are certainly you can not drink.


The reason that it "thousands of boiling water" can cause cancer, mainly suspected after multiple water boil will produce nitrite and nitrite may have an effect in the stomach with amines, nitrosamines , it has a strong carcinogenic nitrosamines. To verify the authenticity of this statement, in the center of the field experiments carried out "thousands of boiling water" Water sample test. Of water does not contain nitrite, pure water, mineral water samples and three kinds of bottled water, bottled water, was repeated three times to a boil, then tested by ion chromatography can be checked against various Quality . The results prove that the three "thousands of boiling water" in did not produce nitrite.


Nevertheless, small or remind you: Even if the rumors are false, can not be taken lightly. Natural drinking water containing nitrates, nitrate under the action of certain microorganisms, could be transformed into a small amount of nitrite. For example, daily use of the dispenser if the filtration device such as activated carbon, large pore this device it is possible to microbial growth, in its role will produce nitrite. So dispenser equipment must be cleaned regularly to ensure a safe and healthy drinking water.


household drinking water Tips: drinking water reaches maximum heating temperature is 90 鈩? not boiling, so there is no "thousands of boiling water," one said, long term storage is not repeated heating of water in the tank produce fundamental water qualityImpact, but it may be mineral elements in the water will be reduced or lost.




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