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There are micro-assessment material Shu Hai promotthwholhous

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   Last week, the 2018 China water industry technical seminars-cum-tour Sixth Station Unveiled brand, Rongshida summer smart new cooperation conference ended successfully ......



   industry articles Chinese water industry technical seminars-cum-brand tour sixth station Unveiled

   July 27, 2018 China water industry technical seminars-cum-brand stood sixth tour Hongrui Jinling hotel Unveiled, a healthy product as the core technology exchange begins.



   micro-assessment: As we all know, drinking water safety has been the focus of attention. Clean water is not only a profession, it is a moment to solve the drinking water safety career. In this era of rapid change, "bullied" This sentence vigilant us, the water industry needs to continue to cater to new consumer markets, innovative water purification technology breakthroughs to meet the development trend in the new economic environment.

   Intelligent Enterprise article Rongshida 2018 summer new cooperation conference ended successfully

   July 21, "wisdom" 65th anniversary of the King Rongshida summer 2018 grand opening smart new conference, hundreds of Rongshida water purifier from across the country Excellent dealers, customers intention to participate in the conference. Rongshida whole house water purification wisdom ecosystem stunning debut, set off a frenzy order.


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   micro-assessment: Rongshida whole house water purification wisdom ecosystem research and development, is a major upgrade Rongshida scientific research strength, the company is Rongshida water Industrial water purification national laboratories, the industrys top design talents careful research and development results, is a tribute to the 65th anniversary of Rongshida market and to surrender the respondents.

   2018 Haier whole house water purification solutions interact General Assembly held

   sea breeze is cool, beer fragrance, with the Qingdao International Beer Festival in full swing, the city of Qingdao is also immersed in a festive atmosphere. In the city to share the joy of toast, 2018. Haier whole house water purification solution for interactive Assembly on July 27 held in Qingdao. At the meeting, Haier water purifier made of "experience, design, sales and service" integration as the core of the new location, and announced a full range of resources to support the strategic interests of the whole house and service providers to protect, promote whole house water purification universal coverage in the domestic market, the rapid establishment of a healthy ecosystem floor brand and distributors of mutual benefit.


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   micro-assessment: the United States well-known water expert, nutritionist Dr. Martin Fox was in the "healthy water" pointed out: "The whole of the body responsible for the volatile chemicals (such as chlorine) can be roughly divided as follows: 1/3 oral intake, 2/3 through the skin and the respiratory tract intake when washing or bathing "intake of harmful substances in the human body through multiple channels, determines the whole house water purification imperative. As the water purification industry leading brand, Haier water purifier pain point for users tailor the wisdom of the whole-house drinking water solutions that show the health, wisdom and professional services core strengths.

   "love overflow water purification services +" Fortune Global Forum, a new attitude into the market

   July 27, 2018, "love overflow water purification services + Fortune Forum Summit", held in Hebei Hengshui. July Falling Star, "love overflow water purification services +" in the country set off a wave of a new round of wealth.



   micro-assessment: service water purification industry is the eternal theme, water purifiers not one-shot deal, filter replacement, maintenance of the machine, also very important, I believe "love overflow water purification services +" mode, with sincere service to win more customers, make more partners benefit.

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