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  Do not install water purifier, you can rest assured that drink it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 277 Date: 2019-1-5 16:53:20 tap water may suffer secondary pollution, direct consumption need to be cautious. Want to reduce risk, good drinking water, peace of mind, you need a water purifier. Turn on the tap, full of expectations connected to a glass of clean water, but did not expect to usher in yellow, red, blue, and wished he could have lobbied for contaminated water rainbow colors. Of course, this is not the most terrible, fear is some water looked clean, but in fact harmful. For the people know the truth, the final result is often, waterworks gun lying quietly, the culprit has been "on the road." There is a saying "there is the risk of secondary pollution of water, direct consumption need to be cautious," want to reduce risk and secure good water to drink, let Xiao Bian support a move to give your children now. 涓嶈鍙板噣姘村櫒 鎮ㄨ繕鑳芥斁蹇冪殑鍠濇按鍚楋紵 secondary pollution need water purifier five reasons 1. tap water through the water after treatment, after the factory to go through a long pipe network and high-rise towers, water tanks and other facilities. During transmission, if the water pipe network problems, but also make tap water quality does not meet standards. 2. The old city pipe network currently aging serious vast majority of our old city, its water pipe network is more than a few decades ago the laying of pipe network material is poor, serious aging, external contamination and therefore have the opportunity to by the leak, the fracture surface into the water pipeline, the impact of our drinking water safe. 3. The water storage tank because of the potential hazards of water pressure, you need high-rise buildings or towers of secondary water supply tank. Once a water tank for 48 hours, results in a lower residual chlorine content, among airborne microorganisms and bacteria will multiply in the water. 4. Maintenance of secondary water supply system exists almost hidden secondary water supply system depends on residential property, if the cleaning is not clean, then the residual water and organic material will produce chlorine carcinogen - chloroform. 5. upgrading solve the above problems of water will take time and the official website of the secondary water supply system by building a wide face, large capital investment restrictions, etc., need a process. Therefore, the secondary water pollution threats to our drinking water will be a long time.

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